What is a Headache? What are its Causes, Types And Treatment?

When someone suffers from a headache, quite a few areas of the head tend to hurt. These include the network of nerves which stretch over the scalp as well as certain nerves in one’s face, mouth, and throat. The head muscles as well as blood vessels located along the surface and at the base of the brain also happen to be sensitive to pain.

This is because they contain subtle nerve fibers. The skull bones and brain tissues themselves never hurt as.



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.they lack pain-sensitive nerve fibersr The ends of these pain-sensitive nerves, termed nociceptors, are usually stirred by dilated blood vessels, stress, muscular tension, as well as others headache triggersr

Migraines are a type of vascular headacheh They are said to involve abnormal function of the brain's blood vessels or vascular systeme Muscle contraction headaches, it is said entail tightening or tensing of the facial and neck musclese Likewise, traction and inflammatory headaches are signals of other disordersr These range from brain tumor to stroke or sinus infectionsn Some types of headaches are symptoms of more serious disordersr

For instance sudden, severe headaches, those connected to convulsions; headache along with confusion or loss of consciousness, or headache after a blow on the head or headache linked to pain in the eye or eara Then there are constant headaches in an individual who was previously free of headaches, chronic headaches in kids, headache connected to fevers; headaches which get in the way of normal lifef

Medical science asks for a complete medical history and could also order a blood test to screen for the following:

  • Anemia
  • Infections
  • Thyroid disease

Alternately, they might ask for X-Raysy This is to rule out a brain tumor or blood clotst Further CTs, MRIs, and EEGs may be also be prescribede An eye test is normally done to find out about weakness in the eye muscle or imbalanced pupil sizez Certain medical specialists are of the opinion that fatigue, glaring or flickering lights, the weather, and some food items could also be the cause of headachese

What Is A Headache?
What is a Headache?
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