Risks Associated With Flat Feet

The majority of folks have a natural arch to the feet. In the case of Flat Feet there is no arch. In fact, the complete soles of the feet come in contact with the ground. Flat Feet are also referred to as fallen arches.

Flat Feet don’t always result in pain or cause any specific foot problems. Flat feet which are stiff and flexible, are usually, painful. They cause imbalances from long drawn out foot and leg stress. They could even result in back pain.


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Stiff, inflexible Flat Feet are connected to inactivity and more body weight. Shoes which don’t fit or support or protect the arches could also lead to painful imbalances. These are usually between the bones, muscles and ligaments of the foot. Yoga therapy has ways to correct Flat Feet through constant practice of certain Yogic routines.

A lot of people with flat feet don’t exhibit any symptoms. If bare feet flatten out when standing but it isn’t painful, there is no need for any treatment. The majority of people with flat feet do notice that their arches come back through toe walking. However, they must wear close fitting, shoes that are supportive.

Before the age of five kids usually have flat feet.

People with rigid arches might experience pain standing or walking. This condition, if not fixed soon, could lead to other foot problems, like:

  1. Swelling of soft tissue below the skin on the base of the feet or,
  2. Bone spur. This is an outgrowth of bone on the heel and comes as a response to constant irritation

If a kid's feet don’t develop arches by the age of five, you should have the kid's feet examined and assessed by a healthcare provider at a checkup.

Causes, risk factors incidence, of Flat Feet

Flat feet are a ordinary and widespread condition. In toddlers and little children, the longitudinal arch hasn’t matured and flat feet are normal. Since, arches develop in childhood, by adulthood, the majority of folks have well developed arches.

Flat Feet
Flat Feet
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