Yoga for Obesity - Internal Awareness

Yoga for Obesity mostly has to do with increasing internal awareness. In fact, Yoga therapy another important part of Yoga insists upon deep internal awareness of the part of the body that is being stretched during the practice. This is supposed to be accompanied by slow breathing.

As you lie in the final posture of the asana you are supposed to take your complete awareness to the part being stretched. This aspect of focusing your mind.



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.on a zone is referred to as Dharanan

After strong concentration (Dharana) on a painful stretched part of your body, Yoga therapy advises you to practice defocusingn Meaning to say, you release or relax the stretched part as you still remain in the final stages of the pose or asanan This done, you go on to unite your mind in the expansion by imagining that you have left the body to unite with the vast sky under which you are lyingn This process of letting go in the final stage of the pose is the best part of Yoga therapy practicec This gives an opportunity for the necessary structural changes to mobilize fat from the area of focused attentiono

Most of the Yoga poses are called cultural asanas since they culture the functions of the organ below with the help of intense rest to that particular partr

Hence, Yoga therapy's concept of weight reduction is not by aggression and ferocityt For God's sakes, don't hate your body or mindn Yoga therapy for obesity consists of a smooth and simple way to consciously separate from your body (mentally), get rid of or clean away all deep rooted pent-up feelings and stresses and let your body do its job of restoring its healtht A healthy bodyweight is restored when the individual learns to function from a space of deep internal rest effortlessly throughout out the daya

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Yoga for Obesity - Internal Awareness
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