Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy for Obesity

Integrated approach of Yoga therapy for obesity comprises system s which set right disparities at physical, mental, emotional and notional levels. The physical practices, Yoga poses carry certain advantages over other type of physical workouts.

Yoga poses should be done indoors .on an empty stomach. Moreover, they should be done.



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.either early in the morning or evening when the individual isn’t feeling very hungryr

In the final posture, you must maintain your Yoga practices with ease and effortlessness for a comfortable period of timem That is from one to three minutese This is why the sage Patanjali has written Sthira Sukham Asanama Further, you shouldn’t feel any strain or paini Most of the Yoga poses involve stretching, bending or twisting of the spinal column in a variety of waysy These poses have to be maintained without exhaustiono This way, they help mobilize the fat in the trunkn Fat tends to collect in and around the region of the abdomen, thighs, waist and buttocksk

This is where there is loose space under the skini Integrated approach of Yoga therapy for obesity is of special value in shedding fat from these areasa For instance for cutting down the fat in and around the abdomen, is helpful if you do straight leg raises and dorsal stretches as exercisese These should be followed by Naukasanan

Naukasana, Shalabhasana and Dhanurasana are great Yoga poses that help shed fat in the region of the buttocksk To get rid of excess fat on the region of the waist you have Yoga poses such as Trikonasana, Parivritta Trikonasana, spinal twist, so on and so fortht To decrease fat from the arms you should do some loosening exercises like shoulder rotations and elbow movementst These should followed by Vakrasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, breathing exercises like Bhastrika, All these help you stretch, exercise and compress those places where excess fat is collectede These practices also promote enhanced blood flow and fast mobilization of the fat from these loose tissues beneath the skini

Integrated Yoga For Obesity
Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy for Obesity
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