Twist And Heal: Benefits Of Yoga Twists

Submitted by chris parker on January 21, 2013

Yoga has been around since ancient times in India but has only recently become popular for its healing attributes. This form of therapy is meant to rejuvenate, heal and promote wellness of the entire body. There are various poses and techniques in yoga, one of which is the twisting asanas or poses.


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Spine Twisting Pose Benefits

The twisting actions have a constricting effect on lungs which forces all the parts of the lungs to get activated and work to its full potential. The important element in these particular asanas is maintaining a rhythmic breathing style. Controlled breathing combined with the poses helps to rid the body of many toxins, and work towards improving overall quality of life.

History of yoga indicates that physical techniques needed to do the twisting poses give a balanced view to all sides of a situation.

One of the yoga twist poses known as Ardha Matseyendrasana or the half-spinal twist helps in the lifting of the spine. Here the arms and the legs are interlocked and the limbs are supported by body instead of the other way around. The body feels a sense of balance and the twisting pose deeply massages the internal organs of the body. This helps to stimulate digestion as well as aids in ridding toxins. Once the pose is relaxed, the body then has fresh circulation, improving the blood flow.

Different yoga twist poses are directed at different locations in the body. There are twist poses sitting, standing and even while standing on the head. And what is great is this form of yoga can also be beneficial for kids. Since it requires the abdominal muscles, spine, neck, pelvis and oblique and muscles to work, these asanas help to improve posture as well as overall health. Whether it is the washing machine seated pose or the Marichiyansana, kids love the way the body twists and how they feel after the exercises. It is important to have the twists done under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor.

The twisting poses in yoga for adults on the other hand are more intense and may be a bit more challenging to do. Most of these asanas require the use of the spine, the hips and shoulders. With the twist yoga asanas, the muscles, joints and the connective tissues are lengthened and strengthened. Before attempting any twist yoga asanas, speak to your yoga instructor.

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