Yoga Tips For Pregnant Women

These Yoga tips for pregnant women are extremely beneficial as they help you better with your practices. This, in turn, will help you adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Pregnancy Yoga calms the practitioner both physically and mentally.

It provides physical and emotional stress relief the body requires all through pregnancy. Doing Pregnancy Yoga is also a wonderful way to meet other mothers-to-be and go aboard this journey together.


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Yoga and Pregnancy

A few precautions are called for, though:

  1. Those participating in regular Yoga classes, not specifically geared to pregnant women, should make sure to inform the tutor of your pregnancy. Also tell the instructor just which trimester they're in
  2. Avoid all Yoga poses that involve lying on your back after the first trimester. This could decrease blood supply to your uterus
  3. Avoid those Yoga poses which stretch your muscles too much, especially your abdominals
  4. From the second trimester onwards when your center of gravity really starts to shift. So when doing any standing poses, do them with your heel to the wall. Alternately, make use of a chair for support
  5. Avoid Bikram or "Hot" Yoga. This is because, just being out in an overheated room overheating can endanger the health of your growing fetus, according to proven research
  6. Always maintain your pelvis in a neutral position when doing Yoga poses. for this you will have to engage your abdominals and slightly tuck your tailbone below and within.

    This will help relax the muscles of your buttocks and your hip flexors. This, in turn, will help reduce or prevent sciatic pain in your leg
  7. When doing twisting poses, twist more from your shoulders and back and less from your waist. This is done to avoid putting undue pressure on your abdomen. Twist only as much as you comfortable. We don't advise deep twists during pregnancy
  8. Listen to your body carefully and should you feel any discomfort, you must stop immediately. Also, you might have to alter some poses as your body develops. A good Yoga tutor is will teach you to customize your Yoga to suit your needs
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