Yoga Precautions During Pregnancy

Yoga precautions during pregnancy are necessary, as with any other form of exercise. Here, too, you need to take certain general precautions when pregnant. The expectant mother might wish to skip any movements that require her lying flat on her back for more than a few minutes, at a time; this, more so, after the first trimester.

Lying on the back tends to exert on the inferior vena cava. This is the vein which carries blood from your legs to your heart.


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Yoga and Pregnancy

Lying in the back can cause dizziness, shortness of breath, and nausea. However, there are those who are comfortable lying in this position even after the first trimester. The Yoga tutor may leave the decision up to the individual.

Those who've never done a Sirshasana or Sarvangasana before are best advised to skip these poses. Pregnancy is hardly the time to begin new inversion practices. Then again, there are a lot of women who are used to these poses. They can continue to do them well into their second trimesters. Likewise, pregnant women are advised to use caution or, better still, to avoid such inverted poses completely during the third trimester. Likewise, skip poses which stretch your abdominal muscles too much.

These include deep forward and back bends as well as deep twists. Pregnant women are more apt to tear and strain muscles now since their pregnancy hormones which let the uterus expand also tend to loosen other connective tissue.

Pregnant mothers are also advised to avoid Bikram or Hot Yoga classes. In these the rooms are heated to 90 degrees or more. This can also result in dangerous overheating. During the third trimester when doing downward facing dog, it is better to use the support of a chair. Pregnancy Yoga is great and those considering it are wholeheartedly advised to go for it. You'll be surprised at how wonderful you end up feeling, despite the extra weight. The relaxation and meditation sessions are extremely relaxing and feel even better now that your baby feeds off your new energy and starts to kick like crazy.

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