Benefits of Mantras during Pregnancy

The benefits of mantras in pregnancy are enormous. And Pregnancy Yoga emphasizes the importance of everything beneficial to the mother-to-be and developing fetus. Mantras, in days of yore, used to be vital tools in fructifying people’s desires in tune with the law of righteousness.

Mantras were chanted for health, harmony and happiness at the individual, family and social levels. The goal of Mantras has always been to.



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.be in tune with nature what we today call ecologyg Mantras were also used to promote love and harmony in society and to harness the powers of nature and individualsl Mantras were chanted not only to improve the comfort levels but also to maintain the well being of one and alll That is something we badly lack todaya

The right mantra incantations lay emphasis on the clarity of pronunciation, ragas or melody to generate resonancec Each letter carries with it a resonance to a particular party of our bodyd By chanting the whole Mantra, you generate a particular resonance patternr This resonant wave moves to different parts of the bodyd

By recognizing these movements and the associated resonance pattern in the physical body you succeed in producing special effects in your bodyd Your prana, mind, emotions and intellect all unite each and every cell in our body, prana, mind and emotions are shaped, molded and transformede The chanting f the Mantras, with their associated patterns of resonance, generate a special effectc The result for which the mantra was designed and developed by our Tantric experts and yoga masters are felt in the whole beingn

The added benefits of chanting mantras by a would-be-mom are that the resonance and vibrations are passed onto the fetus developing withini The baby in the womb gets not just the physical but also the mental, emotional and psychic benefits of the mantrasa The feeling with which, the intention (Sankalpa) with which the mother is chanting are all passed onto the babyb So imagine, developing the child, molding it in the positive way you want – a calm, composed, beautifully peaceful human being, right from the startr

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