Yoga Relaxation Techniques for Pregnant Women

Yoga relaxation techniques for pregnant women are becoming so popular nowadays that a number of centers all over the world have undertaken research work in the field of Pregnancy Yoga. There is still a lot of trepidation and nervousness in the minds of obstetricians and gynecologists.

In fact their fear is much more than that of pregnant women themselves.


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The skepticism is whether Pregnancy Yoga practices have any adverse effects. This is because there are still many misconceptions about Yoga. It must be made very clear here, that Yoga poses constitute a very small part of the whole integrated practice of Pregnancy Yoga. The end purpose is to calm down the mind and dispel its fears and anxieties about pregnancy and delivery. Then there are cultural and social hang-ups in the minds of people that call for counseling, cajoling and motivation.

Yoga relaxation techniques for pregnant women (Sitting with Legs Wide)

  • Be seated on the floor with your legs wide apart. This is both comfortable as well as beneficial in pregnancy. Your pelvis should be well grounded with the diameters of your pelvic canal wide. This also promotes a sense of openness. Movement of your hip joints increases while the muscles of your inner thighs and hamstrings stretch and contract.

    This Yoga pose stabilizes and anchors your pelvis. In the process, it also enhances release of tension along your spine and in your neck and shoulders.
  • Start in the basic sitting position. Lean your lower back against a wall. You can also do this pose sitting back-to-back with a partner. Alternately it can be done with your partner's feet supporting your spine
  • Spread your legs wide apart as much as you can. However, don’t exceed the limits of your tolerance. Rather than how wide you open your legs, it is more important how comfortable you are. Concentrate on your breath and how your body feels in contact with the floor.
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