Benefits of Practicing Prenatal Yoga

The benefits of yoga go beyond physical well-being. "Taking Pregnancy Yoga classes are a fantastic opportunity to get to know other pregnant women and to become part of a community.

by putting you in a positive, supportive environment with like-minded others the would-be-mom will be in a better position to receive a regular emotional boost and keep her motivated to continue with her Pregnancy Yoga practices.


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Yoga and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga tips for the first-trimester

Firstly, find a Yoga teacher who is specifically trained in Pregnancy Yoga. However, if can’t locate one, see that your tutor is fully aware of the fact that you're expecting. Even though you won't have a lot of limits and constraints at this early in your pregnancy, don’t forget follow the rules of safe pregnancy exercise. These include having plenty of water before, during, and after Yoga sessions to keep your body hydrated. When you stretch, remember to breathe deeply and evenly. If you're an expert at Yoga, be prepared for the fact that your routine may call for modifications as time proceeds. Most of all, listen to your body and trust what it tells you. Finally, if you experience any sort of pain or discomfort, ask your instructor to make adjustments or recommend an alternative poses or ways of doing them.

Pregnancy Yoga tips for the second-trimester

During the second-trimester the would-be-mom’s joints start to loosen up. So she should proceed with caution. Also remember, your gradually increasing girth will affect your sense of balance. So don’t try to retain a Yoga pose for long.

Always sink into the Yoga poses slowly and gradually. This is to avoid injury. Do things slowly and never overdo anything. At this stage you should avoid lying flat on your back, also. This is to keep blood flowing properly to your uterus.

Pregnancy Yoga tips for the third-trimester

At this stage, the mother-to-be is feeling less graceful, perhaps, now that your abdomen is so much larger. So you should do all standing poses with your heel to the wall. Alternately, take the support of a chair to avoid losing balance and risking injury to yourself or the fetus. Props like blocks and straps will definitely help you move through the various Yoga poses with more ease and effortlessness. Above all, never hold poses for long. It's important that you keep moving.

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