Essential Oils and Pregnancy

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Aromatherapy is a popular holistic remedy that is used to deal with many chronic health issues. The use of essential oils is said to be very effective and without too many side effects, unlike modern medicine. However, like all things good, even aromatherapy can have contraindications, and unlike medicines available today, these aren’t listed on the pack when you buy them.


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Essential Oils And Pregnancy

The use of essential oil in aromatherapy during pregnancy is one such condition. You have to know exactly which essential oils to use and not use during a pregnancy.

The opinions are divided on whether aromatherapy is beneficial or harmful during pregnancy.

We try to make a balanced case as to whether you can or cannot use aromatherapy during your pregnancy.

The basic principle of aromatherapy works on mixing essential oils with base oils. These mixtures are then used in massages or diffusers or with water, to utilize their aromas to the fullest. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of different herbs, barks, flowers and fruits. They can be very strong and can even have serious contraindications when used directly. Base oils are mild oils that take on aromas and properties of the essential oils.

Most aromatherapy practitioners are against the use of aromatherapy in the first trimester. This is primarily due to the fact that the body is susceptible to various factors in these first three months. However, despite just the first trimester warning, there are some essential oils that should not be used at all during pregnancy.

Essential oils to be avoided in pregnancy

There are some essential oils to be avoided completely during pregnancy. These oils have been known to cause dire side effects including miscarriages and bleeding. The skin absorbs the oils very quickly, and this absorption can affect many different organs in the pregnant woman’s body. While this list of dangerous oils is not an exhaustive list, these are the main essential oils you need to keep away from:

Essential oils that are safe in pregnancy

You also need to keep some tips in mind if you are using aromatherapy while pregnant:

  • Be sparing with use of essential oils, even if these oils suit you during your pregnancy.
  • Use a diffuser whenever possible. Make sure you are exposed only to mild forms of the essential oils.
  • If you are using aromatherapy while feeding your baby, make sure you do not apply any oils on or near your nipples, or your baby might ingest the essential oils.
  • If you want to use aromatherapy on babies, remember to check with your doctor or your aromatherapy practitioner before you try the essential oils on your child. If you do massage your child, keep the oils away from your child’s face, genitals and even the hands and feet.
  • Do not use aromatherapy as a method of treatment for your child if he is sick. Make sure you consult your doctor for proper and timely treatment.
  • If you are sick do not use aromatherapy as the primary form of treatment. Aromatherapy mainly helps to relieve stress, and there is no evidence that it actually treats more serious medical conditions.
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