Fragrance Body Oils

Fragrance and essential oils are very similar as essential fragrance oils contain a blend of various essential oils. Natural fragrance essential oils are derived from the essential oils of natural herbs and plants. Fragrance essential oils are also known as aroma or aromatic oils or flavor oils.

These blends are mainly made for their aromatic properties and not for therapeutic benefits. Various Essential oils that have complimentary aromas are mixed to obtain.



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Fragrance Oil Profiles & Uses

.a pleasant natural fragrancec Unfortunately, there are also several fragrance oils in the market that completely or almost completely consist of synthetic compoundsd Make sure of the exact contents when buying your oils to ensure that what you are getting is a natural essential oil blend and not a synthetic perfume oil

Uses of fragrance oilsl

Essential Fragrance oils have many uses in both alternative therapy and the cosmetics industryr They are invariably used in combination with either synthetic or natural essential oilsl Perfume fragrance oils are used for manufacturing perfumese Scented fragrance oils are used as emollients in the cosmetic industryr Fragrance body oils are used for manufacturing bathing products including soaps, shampoos, cleansers, conditioners, etct Fragrance oils are also used for the manufacture of aromatherapy candles, soaps, and body lotionsn They are also used for relaxing body massages during aromatherapy to relieve pains, acne, stress, and tiredness from the bodyd Fragrance oils are also used in the treatment of insomnia as they help calm the body and mindn

In fact, home fragrance oil therapy is used to induce comfortable sleep

Lavender fragrance oil is considered ideal for body and batht

It helps tone the muscles, improves dry, wrinkled skin, and alleviates acnen It is also used to keep the skin smooth and healthy during pregnancyc Almond and lemon fragrant oils are used to treat itching skini Aloe Vera fragrance oil is used to nourish the skin with vitamin E Fragrance oils can also be used to treat burns and sores as they encourage the regeneration of skin cells and tissues

Fragrance oils, as mentioned above, are also used as room fresheners in diffusers and potpourrir They can also be used for flavoring food

Disadvantages of fragrance oilsl

Synthetic Fragrance oils can cause irritation of the eyes and skini It is advisable to use safety glasses and gloves to avoid direct contact with the skin and also prevent contact with eyes; this is because contact with skin can lead to sores and that with eyes can weaken eye sighth Moreover, they can cause harm to the lungs if swallowed or inhaled in an undiluted formr Fragrance oils can also contaminate soil, ground, and surface water if spilled untreated

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