Preparing Fragrance Oil At Home

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

Perfume oils are broadly categorized as essential oils or fragrance oils. Fragrance oils can be confused with essential oils because both provide a favorable scent or aroma to users. It is important to note that both the oils are different in nature.


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Fragrance Oil Profiles & Uses

Essential oils or aromatherapy oils are natural extracts of plants and their roots, stem flowers and fruits. Such oils carry therapeutic benefits while fragrance oils are artificially created, contain artificial substances and may be diluted with carrier oils. Fragrance oils are largely used in perfumes, cosmetics, food flavoring and for aromatherapy.

Fragrance oils as perfume are used in various ways such as applying a few drops on effective pulse points, adding a few drops of fragrance oil to the bath water, applying a few drops in a handkerchief before tumble drying your clothes in the washing machine and adding drops of fragrance oils in the vacuum cleaner bag can also lave a fragrant scent around your house. The benefits of fragrance oils can also be enjoyed with the help of various accessories that help emit the fragrance in the rooms. Fragrance oil lamps and fragrance oil burners are ideal accessories to enjoy favorite aromas around the house or office. Using reed diffuser fragrance oils is also a good way to keep the home or office smelling good.

Fragrance Oil Manufacturers

Fragrance oils are widely available from local fragrance oil manufacturers and online retailers. Home made fragrance oils can also help you reap the benefits of fragrance oils. Fragrance oil can be made at home with the help of dried herbs such as lavender or rosemary. An ounce of such fragrant dried herbs can be mixed with carrier oils such as jojoba, patchouli, witch hazel or grape seed oil. Jojoba, patchouli, witch hazel or grape seed oils are carrier oils or common dilutants which help release the fragrance of the herbs used. The herbs are cooked with the carrier oils in a slow cooker. The mixture is cooked at 130-140 degrees for about five to six hours. The mixture is then allowed to cool. Use unbleached cheesecloth to strain the cooled mixture and store the mixture in a glass container. It is advisable to store your home made fragrance oil in a dark and cool place. Such fragrance oils can be used on the skin and are not to be used for edible purposes. Fragrance oils have a limited shelf life and are best used within four months of preparation.

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