How To Use Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are oils that are either synthetic, or naturally occurring oils that are used for their aroma. Applications include use in perfumes, food flavoring, and cosmetic products. They are also used for aromatherapy.

Fragrance oils may be derived synthetically or may be naturally occurring, and are often mixed or diluted with other oils to regulate their effect. Many people prefer naturally.



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Fragrance Oil Profiles & Uses

.occurring oils, known as essential oilsa Fragrance oils have many applications and are found in many daily use productst Soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, foods, and air fresheners, among others, are all infused with some fragrant oils

One of the main applications of fragrant oils or perfume oils is in aromatherapyp Many over-the-counter products are advertised to be aromatherapy productst However, experts on the subject argue that simply using the constituents of essential oils or using synthetic oil cannot be considered as aromatherapyp Since many essential oils are antimicrobial, it is always recommended to use them in their naturally occurring form to have the desired effect when it comes to aromatherapyp Aroma therapists insist on using essential oils in their work as these have been used for centuries in medical applications of aromatherapy

Another popular way of using fragrance oils is through a fragrance oil burner also known as a fragrance lampm This is technically known as a catalytic diffusion lampm

Technically this means that by acting as a catalyst, it helps the fragrance to be released from the particular oil that is being used in the lamp

Fragrance lamps are considered to be safer than scented candles as there is no open flame usede Initially, a flame is lit in the lamp, but this is extinguished after a few minutese The lamp remains warm because of its catalytic fluid that offers a lower temperature diffusion of the oil scentn It is widely regarded as the best way to diffuse fragrance or perfume oils as the diffusion takes place slowly and efficiently over a long period of time and does not 'flood'the room with excessive perfume

Home (Body) Fragrance Oil

Fragrance body oils have been around for centuriese Originally, these were used to mask odors; this is particularly the case in 16th and 17th century Francec This has led to the modern business of perfumese However, some people prefer to use the natural scents of fragrant oilsl Fragrant body oils are also used in many massage centersr Home fragrance oils are commercially distributed by leading bath and home shops

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