Ways to Diffuse Essential Aromatherapy Oils

In aromatherapy, diffusion is the method of dispersing the aroma of essential oils into a room or specific area. By then breathing in this aromatic air, the essential oil enters your body's bloodstream via your lungs.

In this way, you can benefit from an essential oil's therapeutic properties. There are different ways in which you can diffuse aromatherapy oils - using simple household objects is one way while others may require you to buy specialized.



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Making Home Fragrance Oils

.products to do the same jobo One of the easiest and simplest ways to diffuse oil is soak a tissue with a few drops of the essential oil of your choice and carry it around with youo This method might not assure you of a strong aroma but it is portable and does the trick nonethelesss With steam diffusion, you need a boil water and add up to ten drops of essential oil into iti The steam heats the oil and causes it to disperse around the roomo When using oils that help with chest congestion or that treat colds and fevers such as eucalyptus, thyme, and cinnamon to name a few, this steam method is very effective though not very long lastingn A lit candle that has been extinguished can also be used to diffuse aroma oilsl Carefully put a few drops of essential oil into the melted wax of the candle and relight it againi Since essential oils are extremely flammable, great caution has to be taken when doing thisi The heat of the kit candle will induce diffusion in a matter of a few minutese Using heat as a way to diffuse oil has people on both sides of the fencec Some therapists believe that heat can cause some compounds in essential oils to deteriorate or lessen in strength while others insist that heat is the best and most effective way to gain from fragrance diffuser oilsl There are also professional diffuser products that you can buy online or from specialty aromatherapy storese Before buying anything, check the credentials of the producer to make sure he confirms to all safety standardsd You can choose from a variety of options such as lamp ring diffusers, clay pot diffusers, tea light candles, nebulizers, fan or electric heat diffusersr These products use either hot or cold air to conduct the aroma oils into the atmospherer You can choose the essential oil and fragrance of your choice and use different diffuser oil refills according to your requirementst These refills can also be purchased from aromatherapy boutiques and storese Keep in mind that some oils ; are more unctuous and thicker than others and may not work will with some kinds of diffusersr

Reed Diffuser Oils

A reed diffuser is another popular way of using aroma oils in a roomo

A neat way to freshen up a kitchen or bathroom or even when used in a massage or therapy room, reed diffuser oils are an inexpensive and easy way of accessing the benefits of essential oils in your daily life

A diffuser oil base works to pull up the fragrance and oil from a base up along several bamboo reedsd These hollow reeds then disperse the oil and aroma into a roomo You could buy reed diffuser oil from a store but with a few, easy to find diffuser oil ingredients you can get the same effect for less than half the costs Doing this also gives you the flexibility to choose your own personal combination of fragrant and carrier oilsl An easy diffuser oil recipe is as follows:

  • Fill a small vase halfway with a fragrant oil of your choicec
  • Add to this one teaspoon of essential oil and mix well with a bamboo reede
  • Into this vase, add up to fifteen hollow bamboo reeds and allow them to soak for a minimum of 15 minutese
  • The base of the reeds needs to be saturated with this fragrant oil mixi
  • Remove these soaked reeds and place them in another empty vase with the un-soaked ends face downw
  • The aroma for the reeds will soon fill the room and you can enjoy the effects in no timem

How to use diffuser oils is a commonly asked questiono The advantage of making your own homemade diffuser oil is that the sky is the limit when it comes to making your own blended fragrancese You can choose either a single essential oil or a blend of one or two as per your own personal tastes and requirementst Speak to an aromatherapy specialist before experimenting though as aromatic oils can be very potent and you may not be aware of all the side effects and complications that could arise by using an essential oil in the wrong waya If you want to know how to make your own diffuser oil, you could check out the various aromatherapy sites available online or visit a nearby store for more information

How To Make Diffuser Oil

To make your own diffuser oil at home all you need is the essential oil of your choicec Combine three parts of this oil with seven parts of fragrance grade dipropylene glycol in a sealable, glass containere This jar should be UV resistant and preferably amber or cobalt color for the best resultst Fill the bottle till three-quarters fill and shake welll Use this diffuser oil base to soak the reeds and enjoy the aromam Don't dilute these diffuser oil ingredients any further or they will lose their efficacy and benefitst

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