A Medley of Rosemary and Almond Oil

Submitted by Matt Papa on January 15, 2013

Rosemary essential oil is considered very useful in dealing with many conditions that affect the body and also aids in bringing relief to a weary mind. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and is great for skin care and relieves heart ailments. Moreover, when combined together, rosemary and almond oil make for a potent combination that is widely used in aromatherapy.


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The benefits of rosemary are many, as it can be used to treat migraines or fatigue and reduce depression or stress. A combination of rosemary oil and mint oil in carrier oils like olive, almond, or jojoba oil can be used for palpitations. This mixture can be rubbed on the chest for relief.

Almond oil has a refreshing fragrance that relieves stress and soothes the senses. It is highly nourishing and is excellent for dry skin. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti- aging properties, making it highly recommended for massage.

A harmonious blend

The benefits of rosemary and almond oil are further enriched and enhanced when blended together. The recipe for combining them is very simple. You can make a solution by mixing 40 to 60 drops of rosemary oil in about 3.5 ounces of almond oil. Mix the solution in a container or a bowl and keep it stored in a dark colored bottle in a cool dark area to enable the oil to stay fresh for a long time. Allow the blend to stand for some time prior use as it takes about four days for the oils to blend well.

A beneficial combination

This combination of rosemary and almond oil can be used for massaging the body to relief strained muscles. The blend can be used for nourishing dry and normal hair and wheat germ oil and avocado oil can be blended together to make a great hair loss treatment oil.

A blend of rosemary and almond oil can be used for treating small bruises, cuts, or sores on the skin. It helps in toning the skin and keeps it well moisturized. It is also good rheumatism, arthritis, and headaches. A vapor bath of rosemary and almond oil is effective for rheumatism. Rosemary with almond oil can be used to treat respiratory infections as cold, sore throat, or flu. Its other benefits include treating menstrual disorders, intestine, cramps, peptic ulcers, leukemia, and cancers of the colon, stomach, breast, and lung, among other ailments.

Precautions and risks

Rosemary oil can cause allergic reactions in some and should not be used without a prescription. In case of redness or rash after using rosemary oil blends, immediately stop using it. Avoid using it during pregnancy as it can have toxic effects on the embryo. It is not recommended for epileptic patients too. Excessive use of rosemary oil can lead to vomiting and iron deficiency.


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