Extract And Prepare Oregano Oil At Home

By Patricia | October 28, 2009

Extracting the oil from a substance is a very complex process and is not as easy as it may appear to be. In order to prepare or extract oregano oil, you would first be required to have professional oil extracting equipment, such as the set up in a factory. Second, you would need to have studied the chemistry and science of oil extraction. Which means extracting the components of the substance which yields the oil (in this case oregano), after which you will need to know how to then isolate it. Once the process of isolation is complete, you will then have to proceed to utilize the isolated part that has been extracted, to create oil out of it. Furthermore, making you own oil would be neither practical nor economical. This is because you would require a whole bag of leaves (if not more) just to extract one gram of the oil. A better option would thus be to purchase it from your nearest grocery store.

However, it is possible to prepare oil that contains only the essence of the leaves of oregano and not the oil. Please bear in mind that this oil will only contain an essence of oregano and not all the properties and benefits as regular oregano oil does, and thus cannot be used as a supplement. To begin, you will first need a substantial amount of fresh oregano leaves. Dry the leaves in a shaded area for a few days and then grind them into a thin fine powder. The powdered leaves will then have to be soaked in a base oil, like vegetable oil or olive oil. The mixture of the two substances has to be in equal proportions.

The mixture will then have to be poured into an airtight container, sealed and left aside for about two months. After the stipulated time frame has lapsed, open the jar and strain the oil into a bowl. You essence of oregano oil is now ready to be used. Again as a word of caution, this oil is not recommended to be used for medical therapies and beauty remedies, as it contains only the essence of oregano and not its essential properties. It can be utilized for cooking purposes as it is only an elementary form of the herb. For medical and or beauty benefits of the oil, you would need to purchase its packaged or bottled form, from a store.

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