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  • Curing a migraine with needles

    Curing a migraine with needles

    By penny | February 27, 2013

    The word 'migraine' is derived from the Greek word ‘hemikrania’, which in itself is a combination of two separate words, 'hemi', meaning 'half' and 'krania', meaning 'skull'. Thus, a migraine is essentially pain on one side of the head. While ...

  • Tantra Massage For Men

    Tantric Massage For Men And Women and It's Benefits

    By Patricia | April 14, 2011

    A tantra massage for men is a way of helping them to achieve a blissful state. This tantra massage for men makes this possible by making them relax deeply and meditate as well. Such a tantric massage for men helps ...

  • Best Massage Chair

    Best Massage Chairs

    By Patricia | June 25, 2010

    Best Back Massager Chairs  - Portable Chair Massage chairs have become increasing popular amongst people all across the globe, in the last few years. Even though the feel of a massage rendered by human hands is very difficult to duplicate, some ...

  • Kundalini Massage

    Kundalini Massage Techniques

    By Patricia | June 15, 2009

    Our bodies are fragile. The muscles and the skeletal systems are intricately joined together with connective tissues. These connective tissues are what really help the movement of all joints in the body and therefore are the primary reason we are ...

  • Cranio Sacral Massage Benefits

    Benefits of Cranio Sacral Massage

    By Patricia | April 20, 2009

    What is cranio sacral therapy? Cranio sacral therapy is a form of massage when the bones in the skull, spine and pelvis are massaged with a very light pressure to ease stress and to provide healing. Cranio sacral massage is ...

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