Kundalini Massage Techniques

By Patricia | June 15, 2009
Kundalini Massage

Our bodies are fragile. The muscles and the skeletal systems are intricately joined together with connective tissues. These connective tissues are what really help the movement of all joints in the body and therefore are the primary reason we are able to move around the way we do.

The soft connective tissue in fact is almost as fragile as it is important. If you do not take good care of it, you can severely damage these delicate tissues and give yourself a lot of pain. Usually, when good care is not taken, these soft tissues tend to harden up and create problems in the movements of joints. While they naturally age with the body, this aging process can be delayed by keeping ourselves fit, eating a good diet, and by practicing some Yoga techniques.

When the muscles get hard, they become tight and create tensions in our body. These muscles need to be loosened and movement, restored.

If you have started to experience heaviness in your movements and soreness in your joints, it’s likely that your connective tissues are calling for attention. In today’s world, where we have acquired a sedentary sort of lifestyle, the body hardly receives any natural exercise. It is a good idea, therefore, to visit a Yoga instructor to get yourself a soothing Ayurvedic massage.

A yoga instructor will not only help you resolve some of your immediate body tensions, but will help you to change your body structure so that the ailment doesn’t keep haunting you. They will help you correct your posture and avoid doing things that can cause tensions in the usual problem areas of the body. Most people complain of stiffness and tension in their neck area, lower back, and the shoulders. These, of course, are the usual problem areas where tension is caused due to our acquired lifestyle.

The Kundalini massage, is one that dates back to thousands of centuries ago, is one technique that not only takes care of the immediate tensions in your body, but also helps you work towards having a healthier body structure which allows free and painless movements. This technique is a combination of various scientifically proven techniques of massage.

This massage is a Yoga technique which helps stimulate and channel the Kundalini energy—a healing energy that flows through our body and reaches the deepest core. It relaxes muscles that store tension in them. The instructor in Kundalini massage is actually a healer who, through extensive practice, heals you with the intent of affecting your health positively and causing general well being.

In Kundalini massage, you are not only a passive receiver. The healer holds you and stretches the body parts. The healer also strokes your body and applies pressure in some of the pressure points of the channel. All the healer’s actions are systematic and repeated, forming a rhythm.

Kundalini Yoga does not only help in relaxing and healing. It has been successfully used on patients with chronic ailments and has helped them get rid of the malaise of sickness. Over the years, Kundalini Yoga has helped many relax their bodies and guide them to physical and spiritual well being.

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