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  • Yoga Relaxation

    Yoga Relaxation Benefits

    By Patricia | May 5, 2009

    Benefits Of Yoga Relaxation The effects of yoga relaxation techniques are many and diverse. People practicing yoga relaxation techniques report a number experiences, especially a profound upliftment of their mental health. The specific effects of yoga relaxation techniques can be classified ...

  • Effleurage Massage For Muscle Fatigue

    Benefits of Effleurage Massage

    By Patricia | March 24, 2009

    Effleurage massage, also called stroking massage, is a famous massaging technique and is one of the most common massage techniques that is used in Swedish massage. Effleurage is one of the best ways of relaxing the body and preventing muscle ...

  • Neck Shoulder Massage

    Ways To Massage Your Neck And Shoulder

    By Patricia | March 24, 2009

    The neck and shoulders are those parts of the body which are in continuous use throughout the day. Whether you are doing working at home, studying in school, working at a desk, watching television, or are working on your computer, ...

  • Yoga Techniques For Insomnia

    Yoga Helps Combat Insomnia And Sleep Disorder

    By Patricia | February 4, 2009

    Can Yoga Help Insomnia Yoga can help combat insomnia and is in fact one of the best remedies for sleep disorders. Yoga is one of the most wholesome of all fitness regimes, and even in the context of sleep disorders it ...

  • Yoga Poses For Exam-Related Stress

    Yoga and Sattvic Diet For Stress, Tension and Anxiety During Exams

    By Patricia | January 21, 2009

    Exam tension, stress and anxiety are only normal. Worrying about your exams is completely pointless as it only stresses you out and further inhibits your mental faculty. Furthermore, pondering over the fact you are worrying only increases your worries. This ...

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