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  • Yoga facial

    Yoga facial

    By penny | January 18, 2013

    A yoga facial is a sequence of exercises for the face, based on the traditions of yoga. A yoga facial is considered to improve beauty and appearance by reducing facial fat and improving complexion and facial fitness by firming the ...

  • Heat Boils Natural Remedies

    Heat Boils On Face & Skin Treatment

    By Patricia | June 16, 2009

    Can excessive consumption of chicken cause heat boils on my face, how to cure chronic heat boils on my face? There is no relationship between chicken and the skin that has been documented in modern medicine so far. Additionally, there is ...

  • Facial And Skin Discoloration Treatment

    Facial And Skin Discoloration Treatment

    By Patricia | June 11, 2009

    Skin discoloration can be caused due a number of factors. However on a broader level they can be categorized under the following two vital factors: hereditary reasons and prolonged exposure to the sun. Hereditary reasons cause skin discoloration like freckles ...

  • Natural Remedies for Skin Marks and Skin Rashes

    Natural Remedies for Skin Marks and Skin Rashes

    By Patricia | June 10, 2009

    Please suggest natural remedies for red skin marks, red spots, port wine stains, macular caused by insect bytes All the skin conditions that you have described here either include rashes and inflammations, natural occurrences or a possible fungal infection. Rashes and inflammations ...

  • Finger Blister Natural Remedies

    Natural Care & Cure For Finger Blisters

    By Patricia | June 2, 2009

    How To Care Finger Blister: My Finger have 1 ½ inch blister caused after burnt by hot oil, should I open it forcefully or should apply some remedies? The best way to heal a skin blister - especially as a ...

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