Natural Remedies for Skin Marks and Skin Rashes

By Patricia | June 10, 2009
Natural Remedies for Skin Marks and Skin Rashes

Please suggest natural remedies for red skin marks, red spots, port wine stains, macular caused by insect bytes

All the skin conditions that you have described here either include rashes and inflammations, natural occurrences or a possible fungal infection.

Rashes and inflammations are the immune system of the body at work defending against a perceived foreign body. In most cases, rashes occur because of an allergic reaction to a skin irritant. The types of irritants vary but the body reacts to this by inflaming the skin around it. Inflammation is the process by which the cells of the body start to swell up and the blood flow to the affected area increases. An inflammation can also happen when an insect bites. Most insects, which do bite, have some kind of toxic saliva or venom to which the body reacts. In some people, this reaction can be so severe that it can even cause death, as is the case in anaphylactic shock. In time, inflammations go away as the body sets down to the task of healing and repairing itself. Oddly, some skin conditions cause one to believe that an inflammation or worse is underway in the skin but these conditions are completely benign. A case in point is a condition like freckles. Freckles are pigmentation hotspots that some Caucasian people suffer from, due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. These spots are hereditary; therefore even creams and lasers only eradicate the problem temporarily. Another skin condition called Port Wine stain is the occurrence of a stain that is the color of red wine. This is almost akin to a birthmark though it starts developing when one is a child. There is a genetic predisposition to this type of skin blemish, just as in freckles.

A red circular mark on the body is quite a different category of lesion. If the red circle appears on the hand and has a raised border then the patient has a ringworm infection. Ringworm, unlike what the name says, is actually a fungal infection. The fungus that causes the condition is from the same family of fungi that are responsible for athlete’s foot as well. A fungal infection is treatable unlike the other conditions. An antifungal treatment over a defined period usually clears up the problems caused by this condition. In some cases like Ringworm and jock itch, the cautious use of anti-dandruff shampoo is of interesting significance as a home remedy. Many dandruff solutions use either zinc pyrithione or selenium sulphide to attack yeast growing on the scalp. Applying anti-dandruff shampoo to any fungal infection would help reduce the length of the infection.

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