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  • Lower Bp And Cholesterol Faster

    Home Remedies To Reduce Hypertension And Cholesterol Level

    By Patricia | May 17, 2011

    Hypertension, more commonly referred to as high blood pressure, has become a very commonly problem, affecting thousands of people around the world. Unfortunately, more that 15% of the deaths that occur in the United States are directly or indirectly related ...

  • Exercise For Osteoporosis

    Yoga Exercises To Prevent Osteoporosis And Arthritis

    By Patricia | June 23, 2010

    Osteoporosis is known as the thinning and the weakening of a person’s bones. This tends to make the bones fragile and thus more likely to break. The biggest cause of this osteoporosis condition is the hormone known as oestrogen in ...

  • Yoga For Midlife Crisis

    Yoga To Fight Midlife Crisis

    By webmaster | January 18, 2007

    I'm a certified Yoga instructor and I decided to take the teacher's training course (TTC) way back in 1991. At that time, I wasn't really sure why, but I think I was doing it because I was seeking refuge during ...

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