Category Archives: Yoga for Children
  • Meditation For Children

    Teaching Yogasanas & Meditation To Kids

    By Patricia | April 30, 2009

    How to teach yoga and meditation for children Yoga is an ancient holistic science and art of living that is being practiced for thousands of years now. The popularity of Yoga and meditation for children is increasing day by day, considering ...

  • Yoga For Asthmatic Children

    Yoga Practices For The Child With Asthama

    By Patricia | April 28, 2009

    Child Asthama - Simple and easy yoga for asthmatic children Asthma is common respiratory disorder that affects millions of people around the world. It is a chronic condition in which there is a shortness o breath that occurs quite frequently, most ...

  • Yoga For Child Obesity

    Yoga For Reducing Childhood Obesity In Kids

    By Patricia | February 10, 2009

    Does Yoga Helps Kids Find Balance in Their Lives? Yoga offers the same kind of benefits to both adults and kids. Inspite of this fact it is a bit unpopular among kids. In today's world, a child faces the same amount ...

  • Yoga Techniques For Teens

    Practicing Yoga To Overcome Pressure And Stress In Teenagers

    By Patricia | January 29, 2009

    Children and teens, with their zest for knowledge, sense of wonder and fantastic flexibility, both physical and mental, are natural Yogis. Yoga is in fact the best solution for teenagers as this is when they begin to come under increasing ...

  • Yoga - Creativity Benefits For Teens

    Yoga To Develop Confidence, Self-Esteem And Creativity In Teen

    By Patricia | January 19, 2009

    Yoga is becoming a popular choice of exercise all over the world for children and teenagers as it has beneficial effects on their physical and mental growth. Yoga asanas or poses help to develop a teenager’s stamina, strength, coordination and ...

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