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  • Elliptical Trainer Benefits

    Benefits of Elliptical Trainer

    By Pratt | June 23, 2011

    An elliptical trainer is a type of gymnasium equipment that is used for exercise to build up endurance. An elliptical trainer is somewhat similar to a treadmill in that it is used for building up leg muscles and building up ...

  • Drills For Games

    Running Drills for Basketball Training

    By Patricia | December 21, 2010

    Running in basketball is usually described as short sprints, spurts, and dashes. If you do not have stamina while running, playing basketball will be physically too draining. Therefore, it is essential that you build your stamina and endurance to have ...

  • Complete Running Gear

    Runners Gear: Pedometer, Shoes, & Jogging Clothes

    By Patricia | December 21, 2010

    Given that running plays an important role in a number of high activity sports means that ones ability to run fast and for a substantial duration is only going to increase his or her levels of performance in the sport ...

  • Running Distance Calculator

    Running Distance & Calorie Calculator

    By Patricia | December 14, 2010

    Running distance calculator is the best way to avoid calculations and focus on your performance. They do the job for you. There are various distance calculators that can help plan the pace and calculate the distance based on the set ...

  • Running Calculator

    How to Use a Distance Calculator For Running

    By Patricia | December 14, 2010

    Running is an exercise that helps you to burn many calories. If you have taken up running to shed excess weight, you might want to use a distance calculator for running. This distance calculator for running will help you to ...

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