Benefits of Elliptical Trainer

By Pratt | June 23, 2011
Elliptical Trainer Benefits

An elliptical trainer is a type of gymnasium equipment that is used for exercise to build up endurance. An elliptical trainer is somewhat similar to a treadmill in that it is used for building up leg muscles and building up endurance. The difference is that an elliptical trainer also has a slight similarity to a cycle because of the action of the pads on which the feet are placed. Each pad is connected to the rear of the trainer which has a round shaped resistor. This resistor can be set to the amount of effort an individual wishes to use. On an elliptical trainer, the individual’s legs will move up and down as the pads are moved similar to the way in which a bicycle pedal system is used. The elliptical trainer is also connected to two bars that can be held by the individual. This is designed to provide some exercise to the arms as the bars move in synchronization with the running pads.

The major advantage of an elliptical trainer is the reduction of the chance of injury. Injury occurs during treadmill and normal running because each footfall puts pressure on the legs. The jarring effects of footfalls over a period of time can cause injury due to wear and tear. Another factor associated with running is the possibility of a twisting the ankle or the knee. This happens when the foot does not fall properly because of surface imperfections or an error in judgment by the individual.

The next question is related to the number of calories burned on an elliptical trainer. The weight of the individual is important in such a situation as it determines the effort that is required to move the weight of the body on the trainer. A lighter person requires less energy and will thus burn fewer calories. In general if one considers individuals of normal body weight then males burn in a 30 minute workout on an elliptical trainer. However, the amount of calories burned on an elliptical trainer depends on the settings of the machine. A higher tension setting will require more energy. The physical state of the individual is also important. A highly fit individual will need less energy to produce the same effort because the muscles are powerful enough to do the job without straining as hard as the muscles of an unfit individual.

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