Upper Thigh And Oblique Leg Exercises

By Patricia | May 17, 2011
Leg Exercise Options

Upper thigh exercises

Most women and several men too, struggle with fat thighs and chubby legs, which can be a major source of embarrassment, not to mention a health problem too. Therefore, for several people, especially women, upper thigh exercises are one of the most important features of their workout routine. Since it is very common for fat to accumulate in the inner thigh area, most women perform upper inner thigh exercises several times a week. However, it is important to practice overall leg and upper thigh toning exercises regularly, for fit and well shaped legs.

Given below are some of the most common and highly recommended upper thigh exercises and upper leg exercises:

  • Deep Twist
  • Flamingo Balance
  • Foot Pedaling
  • Lunges
  • Lying Leg Pull
  • Quad Lifts
  • Seated Butterfly
  • Seated Hip Twist
  • Seated Split Stretch
  • Sitting Side Stretches
  • Squats With A Ball
  • Standing Dumbbell Squats
  • Standing Leg Extensions
  • Thigh Blasters
  • Thigh Lifts
  • Thigh Stretches, Lying Face Down
  • Wall Squats

Upper oblique exercises

The oblique can be described as the muscles present on both sides of the upper body; these muscles help a person to turn the upper body, from one side to the other. Unfortunately, it is very common for people to get “love handles” around the oblique. Love handles are layers of fat, which gather around the abdominal area. The best way to get rid of these love handles is by following a diet and by performing certain upper oblique exercises. In fact upper oblique exercises should be an integral part of every workout routine.

Given below are some of the most common upper oblique exercises, recommended by fitness experts:

  • Trunk twists
  • Cable Wood Chops
  • Twisted crunches
  • Medicine Ball Wood Chops
  • Reverse crunches
  • Leg flaps
  • Cable Push Ups
  • Stability Ball Russian Twist
  • Ball Side Bends or Crunches
  • Side Bridge
  • Weighted Side Bends
  • Cable Side Bends and Dumbbell Side Bends

Although the upper thigh exercises, upper leg exercises and upper oblique exercises mentioned above are fairly safe if practiced correctly, it is best to check with a doctor or a fitness expert, before trying out any of them. There are many other upper thigh exercises that are usually recommended by fitness experts and health magazines, to help people tone up their thighs properly. In case any of the exercises lead to aches or pains, it is important to stop practicing them immediately and keep a doctor informed about it.

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