Walking Machines: An Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise. More and more people are taking to walking in order to stay fit. It is also the only type of exercise wherein the participation rate does not fall during the middle and later years. In fact, a considerably high percentage of walkers are males of 65 years and older. People walk for various reasons such as pleasure,...


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.to alleviate tension or to reach their destinationsn Studies have shown that those who walk briskly on a regular basis have an improved ability to take in oxygen during exertiono

The resting heart rate is also lowered and blood pressure is reducede The efficiency of heart and lung functioning is also improvede In addition to all these benefits, walking also helps to burn calories and hence helps in weight losss

Those who are not able to walk outdoors can exercise on walking machines such as treadmillsl These walking exercise machines could also be used for jogging and runningn Many people prefer using these walking machines to improve cardiovascular health and treadmills help to fulfill that purposes The other advantages of treadmill walking are that it helps to burn off extra calories and fat, improves blood circulation in the entire body, enhances heart health and improves lung capacity and functioningn Walking also has an effect on the mental state of an individuala Tension and anxiety is alleviated and sleeping problems are also relievede One can even improve strength and stamina through regular walkingn The muscles of the legs are also toned and strengthened due to the movement of the legs and hipsp However there are disadvantages to walking and running machines as welll There may be a jarring effect on the joints and monotony may also set ini It is advisable to learn the right technique of walking from a trainere

Elliptical machines are a type of exercise equipment which serves as effective weight loss machinese Those who wish to lose weight must exercise on an elliptical trainer for a minimum of four times every weeke Each exercise session must last for 30 to 45 minutese It is important to pay attention to the time duration for which one works out on an elliptical machinen The machines have pre-programmed exercise routines which involve different inclinations of the ramp and also machine resistancec When working out on an elliptical machine, one must keep the shoulders relaxed and the knees must be in line with the anklese

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