Why Is It Important To Have a Personal Trainer?

Submitted by debabrat on May 13, 2013

A personal trainer, also known as a fitness trainer, is a trainer who provides individual attention to his customers by designing individual workouts, monitoring the workouts and proving motivation to ensure the goals are met. Though this service started out as a small and niche one, today more and more people prefer engaging a personal trainer so as to be able to get the most from their workout.


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Personal trainers are very effective when it comes to achieving fitness goals. Let’s look at what the salient features of employing a fitness trainer are:

  • The best thing about having a personal trainer is that you get individual attention. The trainer designs workouts meant only for you and can be created to suit most individual specifications.

  • Another important function is that a personal trainer usually monitors fitness goals. It’s important that the trainer be experienced. The experience will allow the trainer to spot flaws and weaknesses in the workout and make changes in time.
  • Certification of physical trainer is also very important and is something you should check when you appoint one. A certified trainer is one who has been granted certification by a national body. It implies a certain number of hours in training.
  • A trainer is also able to create a disciplined environment for the person being trained along with providing nutritional guidance and the required motivational push.

Individual training

The biggest advantage of hiring a fitness trainer is that you get individual attention and training. But what does that mean exactly? It means that the trainer can plan specifically for the client, creating plans and workouts designed to suit the client.

The trainer suggests safe and effective exercises which are more suited to you, your body type, age, and sex and activity level. The trainer also can monitor progress in greater detail, allowing for better effectiveness of the workout. Changes can be made and monitored as and when needed. You might see workouts and think you will be able to execute them well but a trainer knows best.

It’s also the trainer’s job to motivate and educate clients. Motivation is a very important part of the fitness trainer experience. Trainers can devise workout schedule and advise if you fail to perform. Their motivation and tenaciousness is a very important the service they provide. These physical trainers will educate on how to exercise properly along with showing you how to do it and keep egging you to keep achieving your personal best.

You can locate a personal trainer at local gyms and community centres. Ask around and speak to some trainers before you decide on one. A personality fit trainer is also very important.

Physical trainers or fitness trainers are also responsible for your physical safety when they are training you. They ensure your personal safety while exercising – whether you are exercising properly or whether your posture is correct or if your breathing is correct. In an emergency, your physical trainer can also call on medical help if you are not able to do so.

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