Running Drills for Basketball Training

By Patricia | December 21, 2010
Drills For Games

Running in basketball is usually described as short sprints, spurts, and dashes. If you do not have stamina while running, playing basketball will be physically too draining. Therefore, it is essential that you build your stamina and endurance to have a good game of basketball. Practicing some running basketball drills can help increase your agility, stamina, and speed.

Running Basketball Drills

An effective running basketball drill is the venture drill. To perform this drill, the player begins at the baseline below the rim. When the signal is given he has to sprint to the near sideline which is even with the line of free throw. From that position he has to change direction and sprint to the mid-court. Once the player reaches the mid-court he has to come to a defensive stance and move in a zigzag motion to the free throw line. From there, the player moves to the lane line below the rim and then sprints to the near sideline. When the player reaches the sideline he has to back pedal to the baseline on the opposite side. You can perform this drill with repetitions or for a certain time period.

Walking Basketball

There are certain tips you could follow to ensure that you get the most out of the running basketball drills. You can make the basketball drills more effective by adding a completive edge to them; in other words, do this with your friends or team mates. This will prevent you from getting bored with the drills and make them work harder and be more focused. You could also prevent them from becoming monotonous by splitting up the drills through the training routine. Some of the other effective basketball drills are 3-5-7, 51 drill, hour glass, and deep 6. In the deep 6 drill, all the players line up on the baseline and have to run up and down the court within 35 seconds. Walking in a basketball training routine can be done to cool down after performing an intensive drill.

Runners Basketball And Running Football

For runners, playing basketball can be a fun way to train. The short bursts of running in basketball can be helpful, especially for sprinters. As the running will also need to be done almost continuously, it will help build stamina and endurance that will be beneficial to long distance runners. Other sports that involve a lot of running are football and hockey. It will take more stamina and endurance for a game of football because of the size of the ground. Although the players may not be required to run down the whole stretch of field continuously, it is necessary to be in top physical condition as the game may sometimes require it.

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