How to combine pranayam/asans with weight training in gym?

(May 25, 2012)

The partnership of yoga and weight training can be quite amazing. Armed with the two, you can improve your flexibility and strength and also build your muscles and burn calories. Add pranayama or deep breathing to the mix and you have a way to release stress and cleanse your mind and body as well.

When it comes to combining yoga with weight training, it all depends on the type of yoga you practice and the kinds of asanas involved. If you prefer your yoga vigorous and exhausting, you should practice yoga on days in between your weight training sessions. This will prevent muscles from being overworked and allow time for proper recovery. Also keep in mind that any type of weight training causes muscle fatigue. This may hamper your performance in your yoga practice. In such cases a break between the two workouts may be necessary. If you are partial to more gentle and meditative forms of yoga, you could end your weight training session with a yoga class to stretch out your sore muscles and improve motion and mobility.

Whatever the combination, when you mix yoga with weight training, the fat in your body doesn’t stand a chance! Weight training hits the targeted muscle while yoga works those hard to reach sections. A lean and sculpted body will be yours for the taking with the proper commitment and hard work.

Submitted by S C on May 25, 2012 at 06:15

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