Heat Boils On Face & Skin Treatment

By Patricia | June 16, 2009
Heat Boils Natural Remedies

Can excessive consumption of chicken cause heat boils on my face, how to cure chronic heat boils on my face?

There is no relationship between chicken and the skin that has been documented in modern medicine so far. Additionally, there is no condition that causes heat boils except in an extreme case of sunburn due to low melanin content. Considering that you did mention chicken though, you are probably referring to the ayurvedic interpretation of body heat and not actually the temperature of the body or the environment.

The closest match to the condition that you are describing is Miliaria crystalline. This is a condition that usually affects the residents of hot and humid countries. The condition is also called prickly heat. This occurs due to underdeveloped sweat glands on the area of occurrence, which usually tends to be the forehead. The sweat glands being underdeveloped, cannot deal with any kind of obstruction to the pores from where the sweat emanates. The sweat then irritates the skin and causes itching and scratching or sometimes none of these will develop but the skin will be raised in a pustule-like formation that looks like beads of sweat on the forehead. Modern medicine does not advocate any type of medication for this condition and the best way to avoid this condition is to avoid very hot environments like going outside on a hot day. Taking cool showers is also a good idea and exercising good skin hygiene is also recommended. This is mainly because a strain of staphylococcus bacteria called staphylococcus epidermis resides near the skin, these bacteria when present in vast quantities can block pores.

Good skin hygiene can be achieved by washing your face regularly and removing dead skin cells from your face. This can be done at home by using a solution of lemon juice and sugar crystals. Apply the lemon juice to your face and then rub the sugar crystals over the area to sandpaper off the dead skin from your face. This should then be followed up by a thorough rinse and then standing over some boiling water to affect sweating. This will force out any obstructions in the pores. From a dietary perspective, you should increase your intake of fluids to keep your overall temperature low; this will enable you to refrain from making your weaker sweat glands contribute to the sweating process. Also, try to keep your body from sweating during the summer months by not being in the hot sun for too long that would make you end up sweating. For some quick relief, whenever you do end up with the typical heat boil, rub an ice cube over the affected part.

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