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  • Causes of Peeling Skin on Fingers

    Causes of Peeling Skin on Fingers

    By Patricia | May 29, 2009

    Vitamin Deficiency Your skin is like a covering that protects your body against external factors and also acts as the defense mechanism. There are mainly two layers of skin that cover the body, the epidermis or the outer layer and ...

  • Turmeric For Fair Skin

    Getting Fair Skin With Turmeric

    By Patricia | May 29, 2009

    The skin color that you are born with is usually a standard or a baseline for how fair you could get. This has to be tempered a bit to add the effect of adult hormones altering your complexion over the ...

  • Remedy For Darkened Armpits

    Home Remedy For Dark Armpits & Pubic Area

    By Patricia | May 29, 2009

    Dark armpits and the darkened pubic area are possibly caused due to two reasons – thick hair follicles and dead skin. This area of the body is one that receives the least amount of attention due the simple principle of ...

  • Acne And Pimple Scars Treatment

    Acne And Pimple Scars Treatment

    By Patricia | May 26, 2009

    REMEDY TO LIGHTEN PIMPLE SCARS: HOW TO LIGHTEN SCARS LEFT BY SEVERE PIMPLES & HOLES ON THE FACE This condition of scarring is quite common for people who suffer severe cases of acne during puberty. The treatment of scars varies greatly ...

  • Brown Marks On Skin Home Remedies

    Brown Marks On Skin Home Remedies

    By Patricia | May 25, 2009

    Brown marks on the face and spots sound like the scars after an attack of acne or some kind of skin disease that might have happened. If the spotting appears to look like scar tissue and are an enlarged above ...

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