Techniques for Kundalini Yoga

Submitted by Bonnie Sedan on December 22, 2012

The age-old system of Kundalini yoga comprises a huge selection of meditation techniques. A lot of them were found to be specific in treating psycho-somatic disorders as we refer them.

Kundalini Yoga is a brilliant, lovely, and wonderful experience of poses, incantations, and breathing exercises. By practising them one is able to realize the sensitive and bold individual you are and open up your...


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Kundalini Meditation

.loveliness as a part of the Universal Spiriti Kundalini Yoga is a very private trip of self-realization, getting rid of the all that obstructs and ties you downw

The exercises and poses of Kundalini Yoga are specifically intended to make stronger your nerves and glands, your lymphatic as well as circulatory systeme With the aid of pranayama, the brain chemistry is changed for the bettere This is done to develop peace and harmonyn The meditation techniques, chants, and mudras rejuvenate meridian points and chakras all through the physique and set free pools of light and energyg

These practices are particularly designed to heal manias, alcohol and drug abuse syndromes, major depressions, dyslexia, misery, pain, sleeplessness and other mental problemsm

Breathing exercises, chanting and meditation are Kundalini Yoga’s major resourcese For instance, an institute of Kundalini Yoga is perhaps most recognized for its regular use of 'Breath of Fire' and the incantation of 'Sat Nam'9 The first is a specific pranayama in which the practitioner breathes in and out swiftly and speedily through his / her noses This is done without stoppingn The navel point is pumped while making use of the stomach as bellowsw The meaning of mean Sat Nam is 'truth is my identity'9 So as a mantra, is used to prevent the mind from chatteringn This is done through creation of a rhythm, which generates superior consciousnesss

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