Tantric Massage For Men And Women and It's Benefits

By Patricia | April 14, 2011
Tantra Massage For Men

A tantra massage for men is a way of helping them to achieve a blissful state. This tantra massage for men makes this possible by making them relax deeply and meditate as well. Such a tantric massage for men helps to promote the balance between emotions and the body and the mind. Some men consider the tantra massage for men the ultimate massage experience. Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy which deals with the connection between men and women. This philosophy also deals with ritual forms of worship and spiritual practices as well. The main principle behind the tantra massage for men or the tantra massage for women is that the mind must be set free and disengaged. This results in negative stress being released from the body and the body’s natural healing processes start to work as well. Several men and women and couples too, opt for tantric massages. These sensual massages for men and women help them to de stress, bring them closer and also help them to communicate better. Some couples feel a better connection with each other after the massage sessions. Tantric massages are used by both sexes to experiment and thus emerge completely relaxed and in a better frame of mind.

Points to Remember

Keep in mind that a tantric massage for men or women should only be performed by a trained practitioner. A tantric massage can help women to rediscover their sexuality and also empower themselves. during the massage. Try breathing into your belly and breathe deeper into your pelvic region.

  • Relax all parts of the body while the massage is being carried out. It is essential to relax in order to reap the benefits of the massage.
  • Benefits

    There are several health benefits of a tantric massage and these include detoxifying waste from the body. The body absorbs more oxygen and nutrients as well during the massage. During a tantric massage, feathers, music, warm scented oil and other sorts of material can be used to enhance the pleasure of this massage.

    Lingam Massage

    Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ and means “Wand of Light”. The aim of a lingam massage for men is to massage this part as well as the testicles, perineum and prostrate, externally. This gives the man a kind of pleasure he may not be used to.

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