Benefits of Cranio Sacral Massage

By Patricia | April 20, 2009
Cranio Sacral Massage Benefits

What is cranio sacral therapy? Cranio sacral therapy is a form of massage when the bones in the skull, spine and pelvis are massaged with a very light pressure to ease stress and to provide healing. Cranio sacral massage is a controversial and oft criticized technique, but cranio sacral therapists stand by it. They believe that there is a connection between the fluid in the skill and the sacrum, or the base of the lower back. They say that there is a rhythm in which the fluid flows between these areas, and that rhythm can be detected. It can be felt much like a pulse, but it has nothing to do with the pulse.

History. The cranio sacral technique was developed by Dr. William G. Sutherland in the early 1930s. He believes that the bones of the skull are actually capable of small movements, and are not fixed, as modern medicine maintains. His technique was further popularised by John E. Upledger, who founded the Upledger institute in Florida. Now, thousands of health workers go there each year to study the technique.

Cranio Sacral reflexology. Practitioners believe that the brain makes rhythmic movements of 10 to 14 beats per minute. By feeling for this pulse, practitioners claim to be able to diagnose diseases by detecting aberrations in this pulse. They believe that restrictions in the movement of the bones of the skull cause diseases and by freeing blockages, diseases too can be cured.

What happens in a cranio sacral session? A cranio sacral massage therapy session can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Dressed in loose clothes, you will lie on a table with the lights dimmed. Your therapist will first feel your temples, and then attempt to loosen the tension in them. Light pressure will be applied to specific points on your body. The practitioner will slowly move down to your torso, and then your feet.

The cranio sacral technique aims to encourage the body's self healing properties, what practitioners call 'the breath of life'. Cranio sacral massage therapy is a holistic method of healing, where patient and healer work together to achieve healing.

Precautions. Cranio sacral massage should be avoided in patients who have suffered an aneurysm, cerebral hemorrhage or severe bleeding or injury to the skull. It should also be performed by a trained practitioner because it involves direct application of pressure to a very delicate area.

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