Chi Nei Tsang Massage For Overall Health

By Patricia | April 19, 2009
Chi Nei Tsang Massage Benefits

Modern life leave us with many ailments, caused by a lifetime of taking on stress and not enough exercise for the body and mind. Many of us have even forgotten how to breathe correctly, the very basis of life. The Tibetans believe that the life force, or chi is stored in the abdomen. Chi Nei Tsang massage is an ancient Tibetan form of massage that focuses on the abdomen and internal organs, and doesn't just aim to make you feel better, but for healing.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) means "working the energy of the internal organs" or "internal energy transformation". CNT evolved as a system many millennia ago in Taoist China. It was brought to the west by Chi Kung master Mantak Chia, and uses many of the same priciples as ChiKung and kung fu, including a belief in balance. It is a holistic approach to healing.

The ancient Chinese associate all emotions, like anger, negativity or love with the abdomen. A Chi Nei Tsang Massage Therapist looks for physical tension, knots, bloating, hardened nerve ends and other malformations. These are manifestations of other illnesses and faulty lifestyles. After this, the therapist massages different parts of the body to release these negativities and toxins. For instance, massaging the stomach can rid you of anxiety, the liver and gall bladder can release chronic and negative thinking. Similarly other organs are the seats of different problems.

The immediate effect of CNT is a sense of well being, relief, peace and relaxation. Of course, the release of these emotions may not always be easy, and some people experience intense surges of emotion, often bringing a flood of tears. Once these emotions have been released, though, a feeling of lightness takes over the person. In fact, for CNT to work well, there needs to be completely trust between the giver and the receiver, and the giver must be tuned into the client's mental state and energy.

Along with the emotional and mental improvements that one feels, physiological improvements are also felt. Many people report the complete remission of chronic problems like constipation, diarrhea, spastic-colon, gastritis, ulcers, menstruation problems and others. By releasing physical blockages, the massage heals emotional blockages, which lead to a release of deep rooted blockages that cause these problems.

Regularly doing this massage will greatly improve the cardio-vascular-system, with improved blood circulation and better breathing. Blood pressure and weight will be regularized, and clients will also see a loss of excess fat. CNT also impressively reduces back and joint pains, and restores sexual functions, when accompanied by a positive change in lifestyle.

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