Holistic Therapeutic Massage

What is a holistic massage?

A holistic massage is a form of body massage, which treats the body as a whole.

It is a therapeutic massage which helps the body to achieve a right balance both internal and external, and thus cure many chronic ailments.

A holistic massage therapist has to undergo extensive training at.



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.a holistic massage school, and learn not just massage techniques, but also an in depth knowledge about physiology, anatomy, nutrition and general wellness and good healtht A holistic massage therapist must also learn the special techniques of massage, which includes the right amount of pressure and touch, and at the correct body spots, in order to treat an ailment, and provide relief from pain, stiffness or sorenesss

How is a holistic massage different from a relaxation massageg

  • Usually available in a holistic spa or in a hospital or clinic, a holistic massage is quite different from a relaxation massageg Relaxation massages are usually available at a spa or beauty centere They use techniques like Swedish massage, and may also be accompanied by other beauty treatments like a sea salt scrub or a cleansing mud wrap, along with a manicure, pedicure and haircutu The strokes in relaxation massages are usually long and light, for example as in a Swedish massageg
  • Moreover, a relaxation massage has no fixed time schedulel Many of us like to splurge on the occasional relaxation massage, may be as a birthday treat or while we are on vacationo We can just walk in at any massage center when we feel like it, since the aim is just to feel refreshed or energizede

    A holistic massage however, has a certain aim, namely to treat a certain ailment, and therefore we will be required to adhere to a special time schedule, and also have follow-up sessionsn
  • Another point of difference is that when we first go for a holistic massage, it is more like a doctor's consultationo We will be required to complete a rather detailed health questionnairer Lifestyle, family history, what you eat, what you excrete, and various other aspects of health will be looked intot This helps the therapist to make your profile, understand your needs, and tailor a special massage treatmentn The therapist also makes a note of each session in order to keep track of improvements or changese In a relaxation massage, on the other hand, you just need to go and flop down on the massage couch and indicate whether you want a light or firm massageg

What ailments benefit from holistic massageg Holistic massage has proved beneficial in ailments like migraine, headaches, back pain, arthritis, and for children with autism and Down's Syndromem People undergoing cancer treatment, or those who have had accidents or sports injuries, or those with age-related symptoms also benefit from holistic massageg

Holistic Therapeutic Massage
Holistic Therapeutic Massage
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