Yoga for Health

(August 8, 2008)

How to do yoga for good health?

Yoga is an exercise which helps in building the body as well as providing strength and stamina to carry out the daily tasks with zeal and enthusiasm. It helps to rejuvenate the body, weight reduction and also provides emotional stability to the body.

Yoga should be done early mornings when fresh air is made available. It should be done in the open where one can breathe fresh air and can carry out all breathing exercises of yoga. Yoga has to be done in a very comfortable position and sufficient space should be available in the surroundings so that the body can take the movements easily and appropriately and relax in a very comfortable manner.

Yoga exercises can be done anywhere and even in the convenience of your. Various simple exercises of Yoga can be comfortably carried out at home with great ease but proper training should be undertaken for sometime before practicing personally. Asthanga yoga (eight part yoga) can be carried out at home with previous knowledge or from yoga videos. Yoga can also be learnt at yoga classes with a mentor guiding you for the yoga exercises.

Yoga can be started with simple eight part yoga and breathing exercises and then later on one can shift to little complicated poses involving stretching and straining of various body parts. Chakrasana (wheel pose) and ardh chakrasana (semi-wheel posture) must be carried out slowly and steadily so that it doesn't affect other organs of the body with intense strain caused in any part of the body.

Later on one can take up exercises which involve the movement of neck muscles and these postures of yoga should be held for quite sometime so that maximum benefit of the yoga pose is achieved and the body shows great results in short span of time. Yoga when carried out for some specific disease or ailment then extra care should be taken so that the body doesn't get strained and cause additional damage or strain on that organ of the body.

Yoga also provides relief from back pain and helps to provide relaxation to the fibroid back muscles in case of intense strain on the back. Even if the body is not suffering from any specific ailment, taking up yoga for overall well being of the body is beneficial. Practicing the yoga postures daily helps to keep the body fit and fine all the time. It increases cognitive functioning and helps in better concentration in the daily tasks so that one can work with better concentration and devotion.

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