Different Aspects Of Health And Yoga

Yoga is an art and a science of health and spirituality. It originated several thousands of years ago in India when the ancient yogis looked to harmonize the body, mind and soul.

This was done in an effort to achieve health, long life, and ultimately, enlightenment, justifying the Sanskrit word yoga meaning "union with" or "to join". This union is sought to be achieved through the practice of specific yogasanas, breathing exercises, and meditation.


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According to Yoga, the different aspects of health are as follows:

  • Balanced Diet
  • Adequate rest and relaxation
  • Moderation in habits
  • Cleanliness in all wakes of life
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Helping others and build dependable relationships.
  • Regular Exercise

Essentially, Yoga is a lifestyle; it deals with all aspects of our health – physical, mental and spiritual. The physical poses, called yogasanas, which are widely perceived as Yoga, today, are just an aspect of that deeply profound science of life itself. The 8 limbs of Yoga, set down by the sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, describe the different aspects of a Yogic lifestyle. These are designed to guide practitioners on the path of self-development in a bid to harmonize the body, mind and spirit and.

Yoga regards health as a gift from God. However you can also look at it as a gift that you can confer upon yourself by conscious efforts. That depends: how serious are we about our health?

How much time do we spend thinking about it and working for it? Are we health conscious? In this day and age, we are made to undergo countless strenuous situations and conditions. We have to resolve so many issues on a daily basis just to succeed and survive, that we hardly even have time to devote to serious thought to our own well being. We have to put up with so many different types of peoples, meet do many varied expectations just to remain socially acceptable and financially stable, where is the time for our health?

As a result, all these put our mental and physical health under tremendous pressure thus impairing our normal functioning in the long run. Our health is so important that if we take don’t take good care of it from all aspects and angles, we won’t be able to cope with the demands and problems of life. This is why it is so important that each of us pay adequate attention to our health and continue to remain committed to it.

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