Health Effect of Bikram (Hot) Yoga

The practice of yoga is becoming increasing popular in the western countries, which includes the United States and Canada. There are different disciplines in yoga, such as Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga (known as Hot Yoga in the west) and many more.

Each of these yoga disciplines has poses, sequences, and exercises that are different from one another. Some of these styles of yoga are mild and gentle and therefore are.



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Bikram (Hot) Yoga : Pros and Cons

.ideal for people who are elderly or are not physically fiti However, some of these styles, like Bikram Yoga and Power Yoga are very strenuous, which is why they are only suited for people who are younger and in excellent physical conditiono The style of yoga that is most common in the United States is Bikram Yoga or Hot Yogag Many celebrities are into bikram yoga and often state how it has helped them physically, emotionally, socially and spirituallyl There are many people, including celebrities, who also talk about the relation between hot yoga and weight loss in their cases Therefore, most people are now keen to try this yoga style and enjoy the different bikram yoga health benefits that celebrities talk aboutu However, before you decide to take up this form of yoga, it is very important for you to analyze its impact on your healtht This is why many people consult yoga gurus or trainers and ask them “is hot yoga good for you”, before they decide to practice this yoga stylel

What Is Hot Yoga Good Foro

It is always important to know what is hot yoga good for before trying it outu Unlike other styles of yoga, Bikram yoga needs to be practiced in an environment or a room that has been preheated to a temperature of more than 100 degrees F There are 26 different yoga poses that need to be performed in a sequence in the heated environmentn It normally takes a person around 90 minutes or so to perform all these vigorous asanas or posese Not only are the yoga poses very strenuous, but combined with the fact that they are performed in a heated room, causes a person to sweat profuselyl Hence, one of the most important bikram yoga effects is that it can help people lose a considerable amount of weight along with many other health benefits tooo Fortunately, the effects of hot yoga are not just restricted to burning a high amount of fat and caloriese Data shows that hot yoga results in many other positive changes in the health of many peoplel

Hot Yoga - Effect on Health

Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga is practiced in a heated roomo Normally even the humidity maintained is quite highg There are enormous physical and mental health benefits to be had from the practice of hot yogag However, there is a downside, as well; in as much as Yoga-related injuries are on the rise, even though, most can be preventede Hot, Yoga is one of the most famous practices for physical and mental welfare in America todaya And for good reason, tooo For a great complete body workout that can be done on all levels, give Hot Yoga a tryr

Hot Yoga is practised in a room heated between 100 and 115 degreese It is normally kept at 60% humidity, depending upon each studio's personal privacy policyc Even though you have to be in, appreciably, good physical health to participate in hot yoga, it is not for all and sundryr Even Choudhury Bikram, the founder of hot yoga, affectionately calls to his studio the “torture chambere” And for good reason, tooo

Bikram Yoga Health Benefits

Inspite of the sweat and, oftentimes, light-headedness that results from this extreme workout, the benefits to one's physical and mental health are just too many to be ignorede First of all, what's on everyone's mind these days - Bikram yoga can help with weight losss When warm, the body burns fat more efficientlyl Even the metabolism accelerates the assimilation of glucose and fatty acidsd As part of a hot yoga class, it is quite normal to lose inches from problem areas in a very short span of timem

This is because the heat creates a far easier stretch as warm muscles are more flexible and malleablel This allows for more range of movement in the joints, muscles, ligaments and other parts of the bodyd

Hence, bikram yoga is healthy for body, because it can cause a person to become more agile and flexiblel Moreover, the hot yoga calories burned are fairly high and at the same time, because of the excessive sweating people are also quite successful in eliminating toxins from the bodyd The cardiovascular system also gets a very thoroughly massagede In the heat, the capillaries enlarge more and this brings oxygen more effectively into the tissues, muscles, glands and organsn This helps in waste expulsiono

The long term effects of Bikram Yoga are also too good to ignorer For example, the muscles and connective tissue turn elastic and permit more flexibilityt Plus there is lesser risk of injury and better resolution of injuryr Sweating causes detoxification throughout the skin - this, by the way, is the body's largest eliminating organa Just as your body temperature increases to fight infection, the increased room temperature will help improve T-cell function and the right functioning of the immune systeme

The most important plus points, perhaps, are the mental health benefitst You will enjoy more willpower through restraint, self-discipline, focus and willpowere Besides, the effects on the stress in one's life and how one manages it are unbelievablel You will pick up techniques to help you control your reactions to the stress stimulants you encounter throughout the daya

However, in spite of all the claims that bikram yoga is healthy, people should consider all the pros and cons of this yoga style, before they decide to take it upu Like in the case of most other yoga styles, there are certain bikram yoga health risks too, that people should be aware of, so that they can be more careful, while practicing this artr Moreover, people who are elderly or are suffering from any preexisting condition may think it is best to opt for a milder form of yoga, after being made aware of the different hot yoga health risksk

Bikram Yoga Health Risks

While working out in a heated environment can have a few benefits, there are several bikram yoga health concerns and issues too that may arise because of iti Many Yoga experts state that an environment of around 105 to 110 degrees is not particularly severe enough to have a negative effective on the body; however, spending a prolonged duration in this environment, performing strenuous exercises, could trigger off side effectst Some of the bikram yoga health problems that people have experienced include pain, shock, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and extreme fatigueu Some people have been known to actually faint, after an entire session of Bikram Yogag Since the warms could cause a false sense of added flexibility in the muscles, bikram yoga health hazards also include the added risks of injuriese Since the body loses a lot of moisture by way of sweat during a session, bikram yoga health studies also indicate that people are at a high risk of dehydration, if they do not take the appropriate steps to prevent it from happeningn At times, during or after practicing bikram yoga, the temperature of the body may go so high that reducing body heat may become a bit of a challengeg

Therefore, people should only decide to take up this yoga style after reading both, the positive and negative bikram yoga health effectst If you do decide to take up bikram yoga, do make sure that you are clad in the right hot yoga clothes and apparel during each session, to minimize the risks of any problemsm There are sever other hot yoga accessories too that you can use to make your practice sessions safer, such as mats and towelsl Never try to practice hot yoga at home, at least in the initial stages, even if you have access to books or video clips and can control the temperature of a room accuratelyl It is best for you to sign up with a yoga studio that holds classes in bikram yoga for beginnersr Once you master the beginner's poses in bikram yoga, you could also consider moving on to a more advanced levele However, it is absolutely essential for you to consult a fitness instructor, a yoga teacher and preferably a doctor before you decide to take up any form of yoga, especially bikram yogag

There are several contradicting reports on hot yoga and pregnancy for women who want to know if they can still continue to practice this yoga style even after they conceivev Instead of reading and following generic information, it is best for them to go through a physical checkup and get an approval from their doctors in this regardr Till then, pregnant women should refrain from practicing any form of yoga completelyl

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