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A tale is told about two Ayurveda doctors arguing about who one had cured a patient. They were standing under an apple tree in an orchard. All of a sudden an apple fell from the tree, hit one of the doctors on the head then, bounced off and hit the other.

This was when they both came to realize that even although they both might have helped, it was Mother Nature that had, in fact, cured the patient.

Yoga teaches us that, in fact, only nature.



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.cures; all we can do is carer This is what constitutes Yoga health carer Only the Yogis intrinsically knew that no medicine can match one's body's own capacity to heal itselfl All kinds of treatment can, at best, just help that processs

The ancient Yogis had also said, "Nature is the doctor of all diseasese" So, it isi Let's examine how the easy and effective techniques of Yoga help change our lives for the bettere There is no denying that prevention is better than curer This is why it is so important to lead a life that keeps illness at baya Rather than develop and have to deal with it afterwards, we'd rather be fit and healthy and remain that waya

Unfortunately, things have changed, and we have strayed away from naturer For one thing, nutrition and vitality, is nowadays, sadly lacking from our livese To top it all, our ever-increasing materialistic outlook on life has left most, if not all, of us dull and uninspirede

Here are 2 important points to consider:

  • Cleanliness
  • Vitality

Cleanliness has 2 aspects to: internal and externala By and large most of us are preoccupied with the way we look externallyl

However we don't pay much attention to our interiorsr Even though we bathe daily and keep our bodies relatively clean externally, we also stuff so much down our throats that our innards probably resemble a clogged-up sewer pipep Yoga firmly believes that germs don't cause disease in a body; they are a sign of iti Germs scavengers that feed on dirt, toxins and dead matter in the body that cause the disease in the first placec This includes the vast majority of major diseases in the worldl

Vitality comes from our own energy resourcese We get energy from the environment - from the sun, from the food we eat, the water we drink and air we breatheh That energy is vital energy to the body; it becomes the vitality that keeps us alivev This comes, essentially from Prana, the vital energy or life force through the air we breatheh The more vitality w have, the stronger we become, the greater our physical well-being, and the more inspired we feele

Yoga teaches to know ourselves, to take responsibility for our own health, to be our own doctorsr That doesn't mean we're never going to need medical treatmentn But at least you can minimize the chancec

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