Depression and asanas

(November 21, 2011)

HiI have a perennial problem of feeling low, drained of energy. I consulted a psychiatrist who after treating me for 2 years said that i have a biological tendency of getting depressed. there is no permanent cure. Kindly help.

You can kick-start your happy hormones and experience their positive effects with a change in lifestyle. Yoga exercises help your body produce seratonin during the day and melatonin by night, both of which help to keep you healthy and happy. It is when your body is deprived of these hormones that one tends to get depressed.

Performing the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) followed by Savasana (Corpse Pose) invigorates your body from within and relaxes your tired muscles. You can make your exercise sessions more effective by including Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) in the sequence. This creates a healthy flow of oxygen throughout your body and improves your blood circulation. This, in turn, energizes your mind and body and rids you of stress and sadness. With a good exercise regime, include healthy foods in your diet such as those rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on your mood as well.

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Laughter yoga to treat depression. Is that effective

Depression is a very common disease today and affects all age groups. This condition should never be left untreated. Some of the main symptoms of depression include a feeling of restlessness, agitation, irritability and intense fatigue. It can also lead to suicidal tendencies. It is also a condition that can affect you many times in your life and therefore treatment for this condition is would last for a lifetime. Laughter yoga is a form of yoga that helps people to overcome depression and it works on the basic premise of laughter through physical exercise. Laughter is known to be one of the best anti-depressant medications. Laughter yoga helps a person by creating a positive state of mind. This can lead a person to view the world as a great place to live in and thus helps them to achieve happiness and thereby peace. Depression is known to be linked to high stress levels and thereby negative emotions. Thus laughter yoga is a useful tool that helps to counter any negative effects of this stress and thus create a mood of well being.  Laughter yoga to fight depression is gaining popularity world wide. Some of the simple yoga poses for depression include the Lotus pose, the Viparita Karani, the calming poses of the Cow and Cat pose among others.

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Is There Any Natural Treatment For Teen Depression?

Teenage depression is not just about occasional feelings of melancholy and bad moods; it is a serious condition that can impact all the facets of a teen’s life. If you are suffering from depression or know of someone with the condition it is necessary that immediate you address the problem on a priority basis. Depression is a condition that could lead to variety of problems in the future and so should be given lots of attention. Problems like self loathing and drug abuse are mainly a result of depression. This could also culminate in suicide. There are various teen depression treatment methods that one can try as a parent or as a teacher or a friend. It is first considered best to recognize the symptoms. One of the other methods that could be used to help a teenager in get over depression includes unconditional support and constant care. One should be gentle with them and try to listen to them with out lecturing. Take them to a doctor to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The doctor will usually first conduct a full medical examination. One can even seek the aid of mental health professional that has a background in treating teens.

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If One Suffered From Depression, Would Yoga Help

The modern day stresses and anxieties can leave you feeling physically and emotionally tired and frustrated. Depression is a common ailment and can make living very hard. There are various ways to fight depression and yoga is one of the most effective ways to do so. Pranayama is one of the yogic tools that help in treating depression while simultaneously improving your overall state of well being. When practicing Pranayama, the first thing you learn is to regulate your breath by deep patterned inhalation and exhalation techniques. This will also help to calm the mind and thus arrive at a better quality of life. This has been known to either entirely eliminate the symptoms of depression or to reduce their persistence. Bikram yoga or hot yoga is another kind of yoga. This form of yoga is practiced in a heated room where the temperature is maintained at a constant 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Bikram yoga is considered to be the most intense form of yoga. It involves doing 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures or asanas which can be quite challenging. This form of yoga can be challenging, invigorating and enjoyable. It has been found to be beneficial in treating depression and other anxiety disorders besides being beneficial for insomnia, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and arthritis.

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Is There Any Yoga Or Pranayama That Works Specifically For Depreesion

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and is practiced for a variety of reasons. Some people practice yoga for overall general health, others to lose weight or gain weight. There are some of believe in the philosophy of yoga and the spiritual and emotional well being that it prescribes. Hence it cannot be termed as just a form of physical exercise. Yoga postures or yoga asanas help in preparing the practitioner’s mind and body for meditation. It was believed that for the body to attain spiritual awareness, it has to first overcome any ill health in mind and body. In the case of the mind, it first needs to become serene and calm which can be arrived at through the medium of the yoga asanas. The physical movement of the yoga postures helps in massaging the internal organs, decreasing and increasing overall blood flow to certain parts of the body and in stimulating certain neurotransmitters and hormones which ultimately culminate in happier emotions and positive feelings. Thus yoga for depression treatment is well known. In fact Pranayama for depression helps in improving the person’s overall well being and can also lead to relaxation and an improvement in a person’s quality of life. This helps to rid the body of any symptoms of depression.

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Anuloma Viloma pranayama followed by Bhramari and Om Kar chanting followed by few minutes of silence can help you a lot.

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