Visualization for the Body, Mind and Spirit

The exercise mentioned below should be used in addition to your usual meditation practice, not in place of it.

Visualization For The Body

Lets see how a physical problem like bad back can be helped through visualization.


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The restricted movement and pain caused by the problem, leads the sufferer to think that they are moving slowly and stiffly through life. Thus they adorn the self-image of a person with bad back.

This negative self-image forces the person to see himself in terms of disability. The body then becomes fully tense, there is a depressive effect on the mind and healing becomes difficult. Appropriate medical treatment and a simple visualization exercise carried out once or twice a day for a few minutes, can help the sufferer to come out of this vicious circle. In the exercise, the individual pictures himself, free from pain and able to move with freedom.

Visualization For The Mind

Visualization can help the mind as well as the body. Negative self-image can interfere with psychological well-being. Then we force ourselves to become depressed, over anxious and shy thinking that we are one. We can become a person with positive attitude by replacing negative self-image.

When dealing with a psychological problem, you should again use a visualization of yourself. Visualize the situation that earlier proved difficult to you. Visualize the other people who may be there, and hear what they are likely to say. Now imagine that you are present inside the visualization, so that you and it become one. You will experience the relaxed energy with which you are dealing the problem. Alternatively if you are depressed, visualize yourself in a happy mood and then become one with this happy self.

Visualization For The Spirit

We can also brighten our spirits, by visualizing that we are having these qualities that we need for further development. We may therefore visualize a spiritual teacher. And when the visualization stands out clearly in the mind, the meditation finds that these desirable qualities are imbibed into our own being.

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