can a person do swimming if at all he has back pain problem and is advised to do physiotheraphy.

(May 24, 2012)

Back aches and back pain can be as a result of any number of physical complications. You can get back pain from something as little as a bad posture or a bad accident that affects the very bone that holds up the back and the spinal cord. In either case, the back needs to be nursed carefully so that there is no permanent damage.

Swimming is a great, all-round aerobic activity that is fantastic for the entire body. Even if you have back pain that needs physiotherapy you could do some gentle swimming. Of course if your back pain makes it physically difficult for you to move, then you would need physiotherapy to first improve your mobility before you would start swimming.

If your back pain is acute, do not swim without assistance. Mention to a swim instructor if present in the pool or else swim with someone who can give you assistance should you need it. Physiotherapy is mostly used to keep muscles active especially when the injury is severe or when your muscle needs gentle exercise. Swimming serves the same purpose. Swimming, with the water, cushions your muscles from needless strain and from supporting your weight. Sometimes swimming can be answer for back pain. Physiotherapy often even includes some amount of swimming as it can be great exercise for tired muscles without straining them.

Like any form of exercise you need to make sure you do not aggravate it. Sometimes in a bid to protect the back from further injury, you might accidently put strain on the neck or on the lower back. The swimming needs to be gentle without aggressive or repetitive strokes. Diving and other strong water sports should also be avoided till your back pain is completely cured. How each person reacts to back pain with swimming depends on how much swimming you are used to.

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What are the most effective yoga exercises to relieve back pain?

Back pain can be quite debilitating and if not properly treated, it could become a lifelong problem. You need to properly exercise and take adequate care so that it does not become a lifelong problem. There are many specific exercises in all forms that are designed to strengthen the back. Similarly in yoga too there are some asanas or poses that you can do to get rid of the ache.

Shavasana or the corpse pose is great for back pain as it helps the muscles release tension and stress, making it easier for the muscles to respond to other exercises. Tadasana or the tree pose is a pose that helps stretch the spine and the back muscles. Another pose or asana is the matsyasana or the fish pose. This pose helps stretch the spine to its natural curvature along with easing possible stiffness in the neck. Shalabhasana or the locust pose is another great pose in yoga to relieve back pain. It targets the back muscles helping them to release their tension. The ardho mukho sarvangasana or the forward dog bend is another asana great for the back. You can also do surya namaskars or sun salutations, which also have different positions that can benefit the back and help in relieving back pain.

Ardha jathara parivarttasana or the half revolved belly twist, bhujangasana or the cobra pose and ek pada jathara parivarttasana or the one legged belly twist are some more poses that can relieve back pain. A forward bend like uttanasana or trikonasana or the triangular pose, both help the back bone and muscles to become strong.

If your back pain is acute and it hurts more to do yoga poses, you must stop doing so immediately. You might aggravate your back problem and you perhaps need better treatment.

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