Asanas for joint and back pain

(June 18, 2008)

My wife has recurring problem of joint pain & back ache. Her age is just 23 years. Which asanas will be helpful ? Also suggest any natural cure. My mother in law has arthritis , is this hereditary.

Yoga for backache and joint pain 

Yoga definitely helps in joint pain and backache to such an extent that for some the pain is almost gone. Before starting any yoga asana it is very important to visit a specialist to know the cause for joint pain and back pain. Yes arthritis is heredity, so if your mother in law has it there are chances that your wife can also get it, but it is important to confirm it by doing certain tests. Also what kind of back pain you wife suffers from, is it too sever, is it lower back pain or upper back pain, does it happen on certain occasions? These questions are important to know before you start any yoga exercise. Try the following asana for joint pain and arthritis – tadagasana, pawanmuktasana, makarasana, swastikasana, veerasana, trikonasana, vrikshasana, bhujangasana, januhastasana, dwipadsahajhasta and basic movement. Heat treatment and massage is also useful for joint pain. Apply warm heat on the paining joint with the help of a heating bag. Massages with oil also make the joint movements easier and thus a person can move easily without pain.

Januhastasana – this is a nice asana to combat joint pain. To perform this asana sit on a yoga mat in vajrasana that is sit on your heels, knees bended and toes touching the ground. Place both your palms on the ground just ahead your knees touching each other. Push the chest forward and neck backwards with waist pushed downwards. Relax in this position with normal breathing pattern for 30 seconds and then come back to normal position while exhaling.  

Hastashirasana – sit in vajrasana as explained in the above position. Bend forward at waist and place both the elbows on the ground approximately 6 inches apart and away from the knees. Support your hand with both the palms placing each on the chin. Relax all the muscles in this posture for 30 seconds with normal breathing pattern.
For back pain you can try tadasana, matsyasana, savasana, and shalabhasana for relief.

Submitted by S M on June 18, 2008 at 07:57

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