Yoga for Back Pain

(August 17, 2008)

I am having pain in my back and feeling numbness in my hands and back. Suggest some yoga asanas

Back pain is one that needs a constant medical help. Back pain occurs due to various reasons like a herniated disc, over use or under use of the back, tumor of the spine or any other diseases of the bone and joints. Back pain may be constantly present or may occur in certain intervals. It may lead to a shooting pain in the back, numbness in the lower back and genital area, difficulty in passing the urine, shooting pain in the legs. This needs to be shown to the doctor. However, yoga can help in strengthening the back and enhancing the flexibility.

Yoga asana for back pain are:

  • Cobra pose: Lie on the ground on your stomach and place the palm facing downwards underneath the shoulders or wider than the shoulder. The body should be relaxed and the elbows kept back and out. Slowly stretch the upper part and form an arch with the back. Keep the lower ribs on the ground. Remain in this posture for 10 to 15 seconds. Lower the upper part of the body slowly to the ground. This can stretch the abdominal muscles and can relax the back muscles.
  • Cat pose: Keep the feet and the calves relaxed. Let the hands and feet be placed in table top position. Set the knees in such a way that it is just below the hips. Shoulders, wrists and hands should be perpendicular to the floor. Exhale and slowly arch the spine to the sky and let the head look at the belly. You need to remain in this position for 5 to 10 seconds. The breathing pattern should be correct. Inhale and come back to the table top position.
  • Virbhadrasana: This asana helps to make your back flexible and also reduces back pain. It can also strengthen the legs, ankles and shoulders. Raise the arm over the head. Arch the back and stretch the hips. Exhale and bend the left leg at right angle. Move the shoulder blade in and bring the head back and look upwards. Keep the back leg firm and maintain the stretch of the back and the hips to the left as far as possible.

Hand aches occur from accidents, fall or abnormal nerve disorders. There is a pain like sensation with tingling; prickling and burning sensation leading to paresthesias.There can be numbness due to abnormal nerve sensation. It is essential to strengthen the hands as well as the shoulders.

Certain yoga postures that can be helpful in reducing the hand pain are:

  • Tarasana (Star Pose): Star Pose can be helpful in reducing the leg and hand Pain. It will help to strengthen the chest and lungs. Stand straight with the two feet apart at a distance of one foot. Join the fingers of one hand with that of the other hand and raise the hands above the head. Stretch your heels above the ground. Bend your head backwards and look at the fingers. Stretch your body as much as possible. Remain in this posture for 5 to 10 seconds

Submitted by R J on August 17, 2008 at 06:09

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