Psychic Meditation

People who are sensitive to energy, are able to pick up the emotions and energies of others. Sensitive folks often match in vibrations with who and what is going on around them - it's called vibing. Sensitive folks are really just embodied spirits who are open on a psychic level.

A lot of people tend to take psychic experiences for granted. It's quite natural to know something "off the top of one's head," see something.



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."in one's mind's eye," "gut feel" and many other experiencese These are all cases of intuition at workr They may not make much sense at the time, just to turn clearer afterwards when the experience is corroboratede For example, you feel like taking a different route to the office, only to find out later that there was an accident along your normal routet

Very often, things we pick up hardly make senses That can also be when we pick up "clairvoyant clutter," or arbitrary telepathic signs and psychic pictures that block the airwaves, in a manner of speakingn The world is full of knowledge, information and stimuli, on physical and psychic levelsl

What is psychic meditationo

The farther we wander from our body, the harder becomes to communicate with it and do what you want through iti Life gets stuck, and we can't advance our goalsl We ramble around and off of the path - start living and doing what other folks expect of usu Oftentimes, ailments or accidents are the only ways for us as spirits to get through to our bodies and say "Stop, you need to go this waya"

When you are able to communicate with your body, everything begins to flowo Your intuitive abilities start to clear, and you are able use them to manifest your dreamsm

Bodywork and spiritual readings help; however, it's imperative to learn how to make that communication possiblel For a start, try this small exercise:

Technique of psychic meditation

Sit down in a silent, undisturbed placec Now take 10 long, deep breaths and start to relaxa Become aware of the parts where there is tension - in your body - and start to release iti Nest, say "Hello" to yourself: "Hello Bodyd" see how it, feels, how it respondsd Do you feel any emotions surging through yourselfl Stress or tension in some part of your bodyd Physical bodies communicate via emotions and sensationsn Find out what your body is trying to tell you, and make a note of the answere It may not make absolute sense fight now, but write it down all the samem

Do this exercise daily in the mornings and evenings, and you will start to receive a wealth of information about yourself - who you really are and how you can do more with less effortr Respect what your body tells youo The more often you say this "Hello" to yourself, the easier you will find it to communicate with yourself, the more fun you will have, and the more you will be able to createt

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