Kriya Yoga Techniques

Submitted by Bonnie Sedan on December 22, 2012

Kriya yoga formally consists of 3 techniques, but there also are similar practices under different names throughout the world. The word Kriya Yoga has also been employed with reference to other practices plus the ones that follow. A lot of teachers regard kriya yoga a sublime preparation. It is said to clear the way for a seeker to enter into a successful relationship with a qualified guru.

Then again, some teachers and masters, when they make contact with a,...


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.new and beloved aspirant, ask for him / her to practice these 3 steps for 5 years or morer Mastery of these three practices guarantees a comparative ease in finding and consolidating one’s life in higher consciousnesss

To several million folks worldwide, Kriya Yoga mainly consists of the techniquese These are said to involve chanelizing life force (prana) through particular passages in the spinen This happens until the body, mind, and emotions are so clean and tranquil that the practitioner can perceive and enter into superior states of consciousnesss Or, more fittingly put, so that the higher consciousness might move down throughout the aspirant’s faculties without obstruction, interference with, or being confined, in any waya

The word Kriya Yoga is also prevalently employed in more than one manner that may appear so weird that will make you laugh, or in some ways so odd as to frown in bewildermentn As the term Kriya is derived from Sanskriti It means action; many gurus don’t hesitate to describe any acts they come up with as, kriya yogag Or "kriya kriya," or "kriya-robicsc"

As you perform these 3 wonderful techniques, you must remember to apply them as much as possible to your daily lifef Use each one daily to improve your practice of Kriya Yogag

Please do not let past negative habits to get the better of these new, life-enriching propensitiese Regard every technique like you’re listening to it for the first timem Apply yourself like never before and you will reap the manifold benefits that each one providese

The Three Amazing Techniques are:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Introspection
  • Devotion
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