Three Stages Of Meditation

The Value Of Patience -

Maintaining patience during meditation is of vital importance. Showing signs of impatience is a sure sign that you need to meditate.

Through meditation you can develop a very special kind of patience that creates the awareness of the magic in each moment of life.

Patient, Steady Progress -


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Patient, Steady Progress -

There are a lot of ways to experience patience. One is by not trying to move too quickly from watching your breath to the other techniques. No matter what technique you are using, attention is the key in all meditation.

Stages in the journey -

In meditation 3 stages are involved, which have to be taken in a particular order and one at a time. All these stages exist side by side. You don't have to leave stage 1 while entering stage 2 and so on. After exploring all the 3 stages, you will realize that though there are differences between them, they are one.

Before you move on to the stages of tranquility and insight, concentration has to be achieved (which you have already started practicing as per earlier chapters). For example when we are listening to someone we rarely give our full attention. We can improve our powers of concentration by focusing on what they are actually saying.

By practicing a few simple exercises, which can be done during normal daily life you can develop concentration.

  • When people talk, listen more carefully.

    Focus actually upon listening instead of allowing the mind to wander and busy itself with what you are going to say next. Attention should be focused upon the words and their meaning and don't be distracted by random thoughts about the person who is talking.
  • Experiment by running your hand over an uneven surface, for example the clothes that you are wearing. Concentrate on the feel of the material and just experience the sensation don't label it. Feel the roughness and the smoothness, pleats and creases and varying textures of cotton and wool. Move your hand over the material and listen to the variations in the sounds. Just hear them don't think what the sounds are like.
  • Take an object, for example a flower and really study it for a few minutes. Just look at the object and move your eyes slowly over it; studying it from every angle. Do not think about it just experience it.

(In short, studying an object with your eyes, without being distracted by thoughts is another method of building concentration).

Music - Medium or Distraction | Buddhist Meditation Techniques | Yoga

Music during meditation can be a distraction or a medium depending on you and the music you choose. Make sure that you select music that brings about relaxation and does not cause interference with your meditation. Listening to some Buddhist meditation music and chants can help open a pathway to your heart and bring about the revelation of your inner spirit by the earth energy. Along with the meditation techniques, music can help bring balance through the tones of rhythmic patterns and take you into deeper states of consciousness. However, if you find using music during meditation a distraction, you should stop it as the whole purpose of meditation will be lost.

Am I experiencing

Yoga nidra can be called yoga sleep in English. Understanding fully what is yoga nidra sleep can help you distinguish between ordinary sleep and yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a sleep like state that happens with some meditation practitioners, for which the details have been passed down from guru to disciple within the religions of India. Some of the aspects may include guided visualization and relaxation and also the psychology of yoga, sleep, and dreams. Some of the benefits of yoga nidra include reducing anxiety and tension. There are many websites you can check up on to know how to do yoga nidra meditation.

How To Seek Resources For Guided Meditation?

Due to the numerous benefits of meditation to the mind and body more and more people are starting to practice it. Some of the meditation benefits include increasing the blood circulation and lowering the heart rate, helping with chronic diseases like arthritis and allergies, improving the functioning of the immune system, harmonizing the endocrine system, building confidence, and increasing creativity. Some of the meditation techniques include the breathing technique, walking technique, transcendental technique, and emptying technique. Mindfulness meditation is another meditation technique in which the mind is focused on the present. This meditation can help deal with stress and improve the immune function. There are many websites available on the Internet that will give you resources for guided meditation.

How to experience Tranquility In Meditation?

Practicing meditation for at least 15 minutes in the morning can help bring tranquility to your mind and keep you positive through the day. Making an effort to completely focus on your breath can help get rid of the clutter in the mind and eventually bring about tranquility. When practicing the technique of tranquility meditation, the mind and body gets a chance to release stress and heal. Therefore, with regular practice of tranquility yoga, mental balance is brought about and we can perform our daily activities more effectively. In order to achieve tranquility through yoga, it is necessary for a person to take instructions from a qualified yoga instructor as also practice yoga regularly.

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